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Medical Office Fixtures for Family Physicians, Specialists, and Dentists

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Are your medical office fixtures working for you, or getting in the way of your success? In addition to providing quality patient care, single office practices and small networks are also responsible for building and maintaining their customer base, which can be challenging in a crowded marketplace. Economical medical office fixtures, when used in conjunction with solid healthcare-oriented office management principles, are powerful operational and promotional tools that can help you create successful – and sustainable – outcomes for business objectives. Effective internal administration, patient communications, marketing, and lead generation are key success factors for independent healthcare providers. Displays2go offers a full range of medical office fixtures, supplies, and accessories designed to help doctors, dentists, clinicians, and specialists with day-to-day business operations as well as branding and promotional activities.

What are the most important patient-facing locations in a single-office healthcare practice?

  • Waiting Rooms and Lobbies make the first impression for your business. Fixtures in these areas do double duty as both décor items and operational accessories. Keeping public spaces organized and clutter free is easy with literature holders that accommodate both reading and marketing materials. Stylish frames easily display artwork or certificates as desired, all while creating a cohesive look.
  • Reception Areas and Offices need to be stylishly equipped for patient-facing interaction as well as functional for administrative operations. Business and visit cards need to be easily accessible without getting in the way. Patient file and information holders need to be organized while complying with regulations for HIPAA and PHI storage. Workstations, informational and wayfinding signage, and patient amenities such as sanitizer stations all help create a customer environment that exudes both comfort and competence.
  • Exam Rooms can be a stressful environment for patients. Hanging artwork as well as certifications and diplomas is a great way to help assuage any nervousness they may have. Clearly labeled signage, easily accessible holders for informational materials, and sturdy mounts for digital screens mean that doctors and staff can give their full attention to customers in a safe and organized space.
  • Community Outreach Events are supremely important from a partnership standpoint as well as a marketing tool. While partnering with schools, neighborhood and town organizations, and local businesses is a great way to build a customer base, it’s even more useful as a way to interact with existing patients. Get involved and be seen with fixtures and supplies designed for maximum visibility and interaction at indoor and outdoor tabling events, fairs, sporting events, and sponsorship opportunities.

What kinds of healthcare businesses can benefit most from using medical marketing and office fixtures and furnishings?

  • Medical Practices
  • Dental Offices
  • Surgeons' Offices
  • Aesthetic Clinics
  • Medical Spas
  • Specialist Providers
  • Walk-In Clinics

Solo offices and small healthcare networks face the unique challenge of providing top notch patient care while also operating as a business. Displays2go’s curated selection of administrative accessories, furnishings, fixtures, and marketing displays for medical environments can help clinics and providers of any size present the most professional image to existing and potential customers alike. Our wide selection of products includes opportunities for adding custom branding and messaging to many items, ideal for promotional use or simply leaving a lasting, and positive, impression with patients.

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