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Interactive Digital Whiteboard

Everything on your computer, now interactive.
Quick set up. Easy interface.
No Special Software Needed. No Contracts.
Just simple.

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Interactive Digital Whiteboard Demo

A Digital Whiteboard Chock Full of Opportunities

Like pen on paper, our infrared technology creates a smooth writing experience designed for collaborative presentations in academic or corporate environments. Engage in deeper, more meaningful conversations and promote the spread of more profound ideas.

Digital Interactive Whiteboard and Pen

New Possibilities, Same Paper Feel

Multi-touch system with 10 touchpoints
120 frames-per-second for real-time responiveness
Accuracy driven by pressure-sensitive writing

Digital Whiteboard with Multipoint Calibration
4-Pt, 16-Pt or 25-Pt Calibration

No-drift, multi-calibration software for immersive optical touch experiences. Exact point of contact responsiveness for a natural, paper-like feel.

Digital Whiteboard with Multipoint Calibration
The Best Ideas Start Messy.

Draw, sketch, scribble, and erase all with your finger or smart pen. Strategize or brainstorm as a group to bring desin concepts or lesson plans to life.

Digital Whiteboard with Multipoint Calibration
Make Your Workplace Better.

More than any other writing surface, this is a streamlined collaborative hub built to promote innovative and natural academic and corporate work environments.

Digital Whiteboard with Multipoint Calibration
Easy Setup, No Software

No contracts, no software - just more tools to get the job done right. Connect via standard wire, wireless, or a projector and boot up your favorite app, simple as that.

Upgrade Your Whiteboard

Work Smarter, Not Harder

The 86” interactive whiteboard transforms the way you work and adds plenty of ways to enhance to your everyday work life. The display offers extraordinary display space to allow you to create the best interactive experience. Work in a completely different way - display presentations and lessons in vivid color and write directly on the board via ten touch points.

Digital Whiteboard with Multipoint Calibration
Digital Interactive Whiteboard Connectivity Sheet

Connections Made Simple

We wanted to make installing this interactive whiteboard so easy that any user could do it from students, to teachers, and office employees. No need to contact a technician or ask IT for help, anyone can do it.

3-Step Wireless Set-Up

  • Plug wireless transceiver into computer via USB
  • Connect projector directly into whiteboard
  • Plug projector into power outlet
Wired Set-up

  • Power up whiteboard via USB plug-in
  • Sync projector to your computer via an HDMI cable, and plug your projector to a power outlet

Digital Interactive Whiteboard Connectivity Sheet

Get Connected

Write accurately. Work Comfortably.

A digital pen designed to feel like pencil to paper – giving you total control over your presentations. This all-in-one tool comes complete with laser pointer and a slew of hot keys to quickly navigate your slides. The pressure sensitive nib creates a real writing experience – the harder you press, the bolder your writing appears, just like pencil to paper.

Digital Interactive Whiteboard Writing Options
Digital Interactive Whiteboard Highlights

Versatile. Modern. Practical.

The interactive whiteboard is engineered with high quality aluminum frame & honeycomb writing surface to create a solid and long-lasting display. Cleaning it is just like cleaning any aluminum surface and requires zero upkeep. Multiple touch points provide users with the opportunity to work together. Our smart board is innovative but practical and easy to use at the same time.

Digital Interactive Whiteboard Touch Point Highlights

Digital Interactive Whiteboard and Pen

A Better Way to Teach, Present, and Engage

Our interactive digital whiteboard provides an immersive
presentation experience with one simplified package.
Digital Interactive Whiteboard and Pen

No contracts, no hidden fees -
Just everything you need to get the job done right.

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