Aura Aware Safe Distance Warning Devices For Heavily Trafficked Customer-Facing Industries

Aura Aware Safe Spacer Social Distancing Device

Aura Aware Safe Distance Warning Devices

Amidst a pandemic, social distancing has swiftly become a concern for businesses around the globe, however, it's natural that some guests need an extra reminder to maintain safe spacing in public. Aura Aware is a proximity sensor invented in the Netherlands as a way to tackle this emerging social issue. This smart distance awareness device acts as a convenient tool for employees and customers alike to adhere to local public health recommendations while in any public space.

The human brain is accustomed to giving about 2 feet of space between one another in traditional public spaces, as such, it is difficult for many to gauge how much more space must be given. Simple signs, ribbons, stickers, and acrylic shields are well intentioned and go a long way to help social distancing efforts, however, the Aura Aware safe distance warning device goes one step further to provide a bright, visual cue whenever someone steps too close.

Large-scale behavioural patterns and public consciousness is not something that simply changes overnight. The patented Aura Aware distancing alarm scans the room to detect if anyone is within 6-feet of one another, emitting a red alert light whenever two people step too close. This approach to social distancing is a fantastic way to drive long-standing change in public environments through frequent & active reminders.

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Aura Aware Safe Distancing Device

Aura Aware Proximity Device Key Product Features

Elegant, Out of the Box Design

Elegant, Smart Technology

The Aura Aware safe distance warning device requires no set-up or designated IT team, rather, each unit is ready to use directly out of the box so that any employee in any industry can take advantage of this vital tool. Out-of-the-box functionality coupled with an elegant, visually appealing design makes this proximity alarm an easy choice for any business.

Active Warning System

A Clear, Active Warning

Our Aura Aware safe distancing device changes from a bright green to red light as a visual cue whenever anyone steps within 6-feet, with an audio alarm sounding whenever someone approaches 3-feet. This proximity alarm is versitile, with prefered distances able to be changed via a free mobile app so you can play an active role in public safety.

Automated Turing Body Temperature Scanner

Staying Safe, Staying Open

With nationwide mandates fluctuating between states, and new protocols rolling out on a weekly basis, we all must stay ahead of the game. If your business has recently re-oppened, give customers the peace of mind that you take their health and wellness seriously while protecting your business from further shutdowns due to this pandemic.

Why is Social Distancing Important?

COVID-19 spreads primarily among people who are in close contact, usually within 6-feet, for a prolonged period of time. This can include shopping centers, long lines, restaurants, or reception areas where people may be standing or engaging with one another for longer than usual. Spread also occurs through coughing, sneezing, or talking as droplets from an infected individual's nose or mouth are launched into the air for others to inhale. As such, we recommend taking advantage of a full arsenal of social distancing tools, including masks and acrylic splash guards, to provide employees and guests with an extra layer of protection.

Since the virus can be spread before someone even knows they are sick, and asymptomatic people can carry COVID, it is absolutely vital to stay at least 6 feet away from others whenever possible. The Aura Aware proximity sensor provides everyone on the premises with active audio and visual reminders to adhere to new social, safe distancing norms.

Aura Aware Safe Distancing Device

Aura Aware Proximity Alarm

Aura Aware Design and Key Specs

Our smart distance device, or proximity alert system, features a wood finished base plate and clear light up panel that can blend in with the decor of any environment, be it a restaurant, shopping outlet, boutique, or office. This patented technology scans the room to detect if anyone is within the 6 foot distance before it, emitting a red alert to employees and customers if that space is invaded. Sound alerts are available, in any language, and can be easily turned off via smart phone app.

The Aura Aware social distancing proximity device is designed with style and functionality in mind, intended for use directly out of the box with no set-up required so that even your least tech-savvy employee can still be health-conscious and make a positive change to the work environment. Take advantage of these proximity sensors to spread social awareness, change behaviours, and keep your community safe during this pandemic.

Tech Specs

  • Measurements: L 7.9 inches (20 cm) - H 10 inches (25.5 cm) - D 3.9 inches (10 cm)
  • Sensor Angle: 27°
  • Power Supply: Micro USB (5V-1A)
  • Free mobile application to adjust preferred distance, interval, and sound settings available for iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets

Aura Aware Safe Social Distancing Device

A powerful tool for any customer facing industry to acively protect customers and employees against the spread of infectious disease.

  • Out-of-the-box Functionality
  • Audio and Visual Alarm System
  • Customizable Distance Settings In-App
  • Lightweight and portable, USB Powered
  • Provides Peace of Mind to all Guests

Starting at $174.99

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