Education Displays and Supplies from Elementary Schools to College Levels

Signage, social-distancing supplies, and teaching fixtures for the education industry

Signage in and around education campuses is primarily in place to guide students, faculty, and visitors. Wall-mounted wayfinding frames clearly identify rooms and buildings, so even newcomers can quickly figure out where they belong. However, schools and colleges are not static environments — events, extra-curricular activities, and exams all require temporary, portable signage. Lightweight poster frames and folding A-frames are perfect for making announcements in hallways and outside of buildings.

Digital technology plays a massive role in today’s classrooms, from K-12 through post-secondary education. At its most basic, A/V carts and mounts give multimedia a place alongside verbal instruction, where computer-based projectors and TVs have all but replaced the overhead models and transparency sheets of decades past. These days, digital learning is more integrated into the classroom than ever before, with tablets and laptops as standard-issue equipment, thus facilitating the need for charging cabinets and stands. Institutions on the leading edge have invested in collaborative fixtures like touchscreen kiosks and interactive whiteboards, giving us a glimpse into the education strategies of the future.

The key to getting back to school successfully is doing so safely. A no-contact body temperature scanner at the entrance to a building or classroom is the first step in preventing the spread of disease. This device can alert students and faculty of an elevated temperature so that they can self-quarantine. In the school hallways, conveniently placed hand sanitizing stations ensure that everyone can keep their hands germ-free. In the classroom, student desk shields, when paired with proper social distancing, help facilitate safe in-person education..

Presentation equipment is an often-overlooked yet vital teaching tool. At the college level, we’re all familiar with the image of a professor giving a lecture at a podium. However, visual aids like easels and chart boards add a graphic or participatory dimension to verbal instruction. Prize wheels and games are great for engaging with elementary students as well as those in the upper grades. Table displays and backboards bolster your presence at college fairs, helping to give potential applicants a better idea of your institution’s values at a glance.

Walk into any educational facility, and you’d be hard-pressed to not run into a notice or marker board. Most, if not all, classrooms have switched from chalkboards to whiteboards, often opting for rolling models that can be pushed out of the way when not in use. Bulletin boards are a common sight on college campuses, where they advertise everything from upcoming course selections, to guest speaker appearances, to campus social activities. In vestibules and entryways, letter boards often list office numbers or occupying staff to help visitors find their way around.

There are plenty of fixtures in educational facilities that play a crucial role yet go unnoticed until you need them. Stanchions and other crowd control essentials are especially vital at bursar’s desks and admissions office during the first few weeks of a semester, as students get settled. Display cases in and around hallways can be sites for cultural enrichment and are often used to cycle through visiting-artist exhibitions or to engender a sense of school pride by showcasing awards, medals, and honors. Literature holders in high-traffic areas are often used for advertising courses of study, extra-curricular programs, and upcoming campus events.

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