Digital Display Shelving for Retail Stores
Digital Retail Merchandise Shelving

In-store video advertisements go a long way toward boosting sales, increasing customer engagement, and lengthening dwell time. Our digital retail displays use electronic signage to deliver dynamic, versatile marketing campaigns in high-traffic retail environments. Create, store, and present video advertisements for a plethora of products, taking advantage of these multi-tier shelving units to showcase seasonal, limited time, or circulating product lines.

Manage dynamic brand presentations with these digital retail displays, controlling media content remotely. These modern merchandising racks with signage are available in Basic or Deluxe models to suit your business' unique needs, however, both are leagues above traditional salesroom floor stands. Use either of these digital retail displays to get more information out to your customers, cross-sell new products, and update your in-store and social-media presence with engaging visual content.

Why Join the Digital Revolution

Grab Attention

Digital signage boasts an 83% recall rate compared to static images

Versatile Promotions

Increase visibility of key products and services & swap media for seasonal catalogs

Make More Sales

Improve bottom line by upselling additional products at rack

Increase Engagement

Capture attention with video content and improve social media following

Increase Dwell Time

Engaging video content leads to longer in-store sessions

Communicate Internally

Back-office screens align employees with pulse of compamy

Digital Display Shelving for Retail Stores
Benefits Suited For Your Business

Traditional storefront showcases feature static posters, mannequins, and stocked tables that customers often find stale and easy to gloss over. Include a digital retail display to prop-up new or on-sale products to grasp the attention of window shoppers with active and engaging video content, LED illuminated shelving frames, and targeted advertisements. Successful product demonstrations build hype and instill a positive, must-have energy in your customer. While traditional media does well to deliver a message, our digital retail displays deliver a story directly from the source. Customers who shop these modern retail racks are not only met with quality products, but with media that reinforces the idea that this is a purchase that they need to make.

Digital Retail Display Shelving Comparison
LED retail shelving with media player and durable aluminum frame
Digital merchandising retail shelving unit with built in speakers
Price $2,053.99 $1,231.99
Overall Dimensions Dimensions: 31"W x 16"D x 73"H 28"W x 18"D x 66.5"H
Screen Size 21.5" LCD Screen 21.5" LCD Screen
Operating System Android 7.1 Operating System Android 7.1 Operating System
Weight 97.0 lbs 160.0 lbs
Shelving Capacity (4) @ 33lbs Each (4) @ 44lbs Each
Material Aluminium, Tempered Glass Steel, Tempered Glass
Finish Powder Coated Satin
Features Illuminated Side Panels, 15 Color & Strobe Modes, Built-In Speakers, , Cable Management Built-In Speakers, Remote Control, Cable Management
Power Cord Length 72.0" 56.0"
Resolution 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080
Warranty 1-Year 1-Year
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