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32" Interactive Multi Touch Table with Built-In Wireless Phone Charger

Uploaded on 22 February, 2022

Last Modified on 11 March, 2022

Our interactive multi-touch table has a beautiful faux wood grain finish, bringing a sleek and warm aesthetic to your business space. This digital desk also features a wireless charging pad on the left side, conveniently allowing you to charge your smartphone and devices as you work. This 32" interactive touch table has an Android 7.1 operating system and access to Google Play so you can download all the apps you need for your business. Each unit also comes with our DiViEX SlideShow app that allows you to edit and format your digital content in minutes! This modern kiosk has a 30-degree slant for the perfect viewing angle when used either sitting or standing. This digital desk is ideal for designers, architects, students or business professionals looking for the perfect collaboration device! The wireless charging feature on this kiosk has a 15-watt output allowing for speed and efficiency when you charge your devices. This wood grain interactive touch table will add a unique element to your store, studio, or educational space, allowing you to digitalize your daily business activities.
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