86" Digital Whiteboards w/ Multi-Point No Drift Calibration Supports Microsoft Windows 10

Uploaded on 18 February, 2020

Last Modified on 19 February, 2020

Bring our interactive whiteboards to your classroom, conference room or business to create an informative and engaging presentation. By integrating multiple infrared touchpoints, the board is intuitively responsive so that writing on the board feels accurate and immersive. Complete with multi-touch, no drift calibration software, the digital interactive whiteboard delivers a long-lasting and easy-to-set-up user experience.


Alan: "Hi, I'm Alan from displays to go. I want to show you this brand new product we have. It's an 86 inch digital whiteboard. It's a 16 by 10 ratio and it works with a windows PC and projector to give you a giant touchscreen surface. It's huge!  This thing is super cool.  It's even got a texture on it so it feels like you're actually writing on paper. 

In addition, it comes with this handy wand that allows you to not only just point at what's on the screen but also make marks and because it's an optical touchscreen, you don't even have to use this. You can also use your fingers. It even supports up to 10 point multi-touch. 

It's my daughter's favorite color.  Rainbow! 

The whiteboard includes this digital pen, which adds a series of windows hot keys as well as the laser pointer, so you can use it to highlight things on the board. In addition, the pen adds pressure sensitivity to the whiteboard, so you can actually really highlight the way you write. 

The digital whiteboard comes in two types, wired and wireless.  So anyone that wants to connect up to this digital whiteboard, all they have to do is hand over the transceiver.  There's no wires to mess with.  Thanks for stopping by.  Checkout Displays2go.com for more information and to check out all of our other exciting products."
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