A Guide to Sit-Stand Desks

Uploaded on 18 February, 2016

Last Modified on 05 January, 2017

Sitting is killing you! Luckily, sit-stand desks are here to save the day. With a huge selection of models, sizes, and styles available, making the switch from stationary to height adjustable desks in now easier than ever. Watch our ultimate guide to sit-stand workstations and then check out our infographic detailing all the health benefits you could get from using a standing desk!


REBECCA (Narrator): "Did you know that the average American sits for 9 hours a day?  You don’t need a doctor to know that a sedentary lifestyle can cause health problems. But don’t go quitting your desk job. Sit stand desks are an awesome solution, allowing you to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the work day and thereby alleviating many of these problems. Ready to take the next step and find out which sit stand desk is best for you? Browse our expansive selection today!"

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