An Inside Look at the Graphics Department at Displays2go

Uploaded on 30 June, 2020

Last Modified on 09 July, 2020

Julio Guzman, the Graphics Department Supervisor, leads us inside the graphics department here at Displays2go. Utilizing a team effort approach, the graphics team helps one another to get the most out of the entire production. Enjoy this inspiring video and see what teamwork helps us to accomplish at Displays2go.


Julio: "Since the move to the new room, it has increased our productivity and capabilities since we now have all of our equipment under the same umbrella and material within reach so it limits our travel time with the associates. 

My name is Julio and I am the Graphics Supervisor. 

Everyone is very self manageable. Everyone is very willing to help other areas within a department, which has made a pleasant experience for me to run the graphics department. That's the one thing that I really preached when I came in is to have the positive culture in the room. Glass half full mentality, be solution driven, and everyone's taken that approach.

We now have a Zund digital flatbed cutter which has increased our cutting capacity. Where in the past, we were more of a manual cutting. Now, everything from banners, posters, floor decals, PSA, everything goes through the Zund cutter. 

During the whole pandemic, we've actually embraced new COVID prevention products, and everyone just went above and beyond and just put the extra hours in to get the work out. Just very proud with the expectation of what we're going to have with our inbound volume of work to what actually was, was probably three times, four times as much, but everyone got together and we were just pushing the work out and it's all smiles, and it's just a great experience. 

Everyone understands that we're Displays2go. We're not Displays2go production. We're all under the same umbrella and we do what we need to do to get the workout. And it's actually been a pleasure to be around such good people."
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