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Android Non-Touch Tutorial

Uploaded on 05 March, 2019

Last Modified on 29 August, 2023

Learn how to navigate around and find out some easy tips and trick when exploring your new non-touch digital screen. Holly will show you a couple neat ways to get you started.


Holly: "Welcome to the non-touch Android based digital sign demo.  Today I'm going to teach you a few basic functions of the non-touch Android digital products and also how to operate our custom slide show application.   

Some of the most important parts of the non-touch would be to install a mouse or a keyboard at set up. I prefer just a mouse.  And you'll also be able to use your remote.  
So first I'm going to show you where the Wi-Fi settings are located.  Main menu, then go to settings, and this is where you can set up your wi-fi and any display settings you may have.  Here you select the wi-fi that you'd want, and you enter your credentials, and you’re good to go.  It’s as easy as that.

Ok, I’m going to teach you how to use the slideshow application and pull content from a usb onto the slideshow app.   So first, plug-in your usb and go down to the Main Menu button.  Go to Explorer.  You’re going to select usb.  So the usb port you selected.  I know I have it in usb 2 right now, so I’m going to select usb 2, multi, I’m going to highlight the images I know that I would like to play.  Select editor, copy, home, select NAND flash.  Go down to the media folder.  Images, editor, and paste.  And now you see the images you selected should appear here.
Now if you go down.  Go back to the main screen, select the pre-installed slideshow application, and then you can select your image display time, display mode and the picture mode.  So these are the transitions.  I’m going to select it for 2 seconds.  I’ll keep it as adapt and normal and then select play.  And the images are playing exactly how I want them to.  And if you’d like to get out of it, you just go down to the main menu and just select out of it.  And at this point you can remove your usb stick and you are able to play the images from the slideshow application whenever you may like."
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