Assembly: Cardboard Wine Carrier

Uploaded on 08 November, 2019

Last Modified on 19 November, 2019

These cardboard wine carriers are a convenient way to package your most-loved blends and take them safely to-go with you. Sold in quantities of 25, these wine totes are quick and easy to assemble and will allow you to display your products in a professional and modern way. With a built-in handle and partitions, you can travel with your bottles with ease, knowing they will not clink together during movement. These make for a great corporate/holiday gift or packaging for your boutique wine shop, market, or winery!


Mary : "Hi I'm Mary from Displays2go and today I'm going to talk about our cardboard wine carriers.  You can get them with a 2 bottle, or 3 bottle option and we can do full color graphics, or you can order them in just plain white.  Depending on how you choose to order these they're going to come to you delivered a little bit differently.  The plain white ones will come with a roll of tape for you and you'll have to apply that yourself.  Whereas the custom graphic ones have the tape already applied right here on the inner tab as you can see.  So, I'm going to go ahead and assemble this one to show you how simple and easy it is to put these together.  What you want to do is pre-fold the little imprints that you see in here.  Nice and easy.   So, I’m get all the areas that have the folded binds in them all bended and ready to go.   The bottom is the trickiest part.  You just need to configure it so it slides right into one another so there’s no popping out and it can firmly secure.  And now you’re just going to get this tape and rip the plastic off the top and you’re going to fold this underneath.  You want the tape and the tab to be underneath, so it doesn’t interfere with how the graphics look.  So you see that’s together now fold out these outer tabs.  This easily folds in with this popping through the back and these slide easily into the side tab.  Once you pop those in they stay on the inside and they actually divide each bottle of wine so they don’t clink together and get cracked during transport.
 As you can see these are super easy to assemble and they're great gifts for the holidays if you want to put a holiday pattern on them.  They're great for your wine shop if you want to have customers have a chance to take home custom blends.  or you can put your company logo on them, and they can make a great corporate gift.  Head to our website to see all our options."
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