Assembly: TSCKD11BLK Trade Show Counter

Uploaded on 05 October, 2015

Last Modified on 05 October, 2015

See how quick it is to assemble these varsatible trade show counters, which double as shipping cases! Use the locking storage compartment to keep personal items in the exhibit, while using the top of the case as a podium or product display!


SARAH (Narrator): "Inside your travel case, you will find the following pieces to set up your counter.First, find the base piece and place it on the floor with the silver hooks pointing up. Next, take 6 wooden pegs and place them into the holes of the base. Grab the wing panel that has the door. Slip it on to the base by aligning the pegs into the holes that are on the bottom of the wing panel. Attach the panel to the base by fastening the latch to the hook. Repeat this step with the second wing panel.  Attach the base and fasten the latches. You will have to open the door in order to fasten the second piece.  Insert the remaining pegs just like you did with the base so that you can attach the countertop. Notice the side of the wing panel that protrudes should be the top part. The longer edge of the countertop should assemble to this edge. Conversely, the shorter edge should assemble to the door-side. Open the door and fasten the countertop to the wing panels with the clasps. And lastly, to attach your shelf! Choose the level where you would like your shelf and insert the silver pegs into the predrilled holes. Take the wooden laminated shelf, and place it on top of the pegs. Now you’re all set for your trade show!"

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