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Assembly: VR4SHWZG Trade Show Banner

Uploaded on 17 August, 2016

Setting up your custom banner stand doesn’t have to be a struggle. This short how-to clip takes you through the assembly process step by step. At Displays2go, we know the importance of a custom banner stand that’s easy to break down and set up. Watch this quick video to learn some tips and tricks to assemble your display with ease.


TEXT: “Step 1. Retract the display all the way up
Step 2. Squeeze the tab until it pops into place
Next: Grab one of the rails, 2 flat head screws, the small allen key, and 2 side placement tabs.
Step 3. Screw the tabs into both ends of the rail. This will be used for the bottom of your banner.
Step 4: Pop open the rail with the lever provided
Step 5: Add the bottom of the banner to the rail and snap into place.
Step 6: Roll the banner up with the rail in it near the top.
Step 7: Take the other rail and screw in 1 of the placement tabs at the end. Leaving the other side empty.
Screw Plate
Step 8: Add screws to one end of the plate and loosely screw in the 2 square nuts to them. Leaving some space.
Step 9: Align the metal plate screws with the notch in the rail and slide it down towards the middle.
Step 10: Tighten Screws with the medium sized allen key.
Step 11: Screw in the other placement tab at the other end of the rail.
Step 12: Add in the top end of the banner to the rail and snap it shut.
Step 13: Add the pole into the slot and tighten into place using the turn knob at the base.
Step 14: Place the banner down on the base and centering it with the pole. Then pull it up towards the top.
Step 15: Screw into place using the larger screw and allen key.
Step 16: Pull up on the pole to your desired height.
Step 17: Twist to tighten
Step 18: Add in catalogs
Step 19: Place signage”
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