Assembly Video: Illuminated Backlit Wall Trade Show Display

Uploaded on 14 March, 2018

Last Modified on 25 September, 2018

The illuminated backlit wall trade show display is a great way to showcase you brand at the next expo. Complete with a pop up frame, 10,000K LED lighting and carrying cases for easy transportation; this kit is great for the exhibitor that travels from one event to the next. Add style to your booth with the addition of this display!


Jeff: "Our Illuminated backlit wall will stand out from the competition.  Let us walk you through with this simple assembly video.
Lay out all your pieces included with your kit.
First, position the frame with the thumb screw feet on the ground.
Then hold connectors and pull upward until it’s fully in the upright position.
Secure the frame by locking all the insert buckles.
Now close and snap in the 4 corner braces at each end.
You can now assemble the channel bars to all the edges of the frame.
Be sure to install the T-shaped connector into the connecting hub, then do so at the other end.
Now roll out your LED ladder lights on a flat surface and connect it to the frame following the arrows indicated on the lights.
Snap in all 8 clips to the frame.  Do this for both sets of ladder lights.
Connect the power adapter with the power cord at the bottom of the LED panel on both ends. 
Insert the back thumb screw at one corner into the slot in the foot panel through the pre-cut hole then slide it up to the next thumb screw.
You may connect the power supply to test out the lights to make sure they are working properly.
Flip the frame on one side and grab your custom designed fabric and install it on one side. Make sure to fold the seam into the frame for a proper fitting. 
Be sure the fabric is fully stretched.
You can flip the frame over and do so on the other side as well. 
Now attach the side fabric last.
Turn on the power to light up the LED panel.  The lightbox is ready to use.  
Give yourself a thumbs up."
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