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Company Outreach: Superior Comfort

Uploaded on 09 September, 2016

Displays2go documented local business Superior Comfort's first trade show experience: from choosing their marketing materials through engaging with prospective customers. Watch this video to get a taste of what preparing for the convention is like for newcomers, and see how the results turned out for Superior Comfort!


REBECCA (Narrator): "Tradeshows are one of the best ways to get your business noticed by potential customers or colleagues. But with so many factors to take into consideration, planning for these events can be overwhelming. So we followed a local HVAC company in Bristol, Rhode Island as they embarked on their first tradeshow adventure. Sherry and Melissa from Superior Comfort have been kind enough to share what they learned as they planned for and attended the Rhode Island convention Center’s Home Show.”
SHERRY: "So the Home show went really well. We had a lot of people come by the booth and lots of traffic. We got out a lot of really good information, they got to know who we were, they got to meet us, learn about all our products, we nailed all our goals and we set some more for next year. It was a very good learning experience."
REBECCA: “The Superior Comfort team put a lot of time into doing their research. They visited another Home show 5 months prior and carefully observed what other companies were doing, taking notes along the way about what to do and not do." 
SHERRY: "You can think you have everything, you have all your lists written down, you have who’s going to be here and what you’re going to say, it doesn’t always - it doesn’t work like that, so if you kind of go in knowing… yeah, hands on experience is so important."
REBECCA: "From there, Sherry and Melissa put a lot of time and effort into choosing the marketing materials that they would use for their display, they wanted something that was bright and attractive, practical, portable, and easy to set up. We were more than happy to help them choose from our thousands of products and we are happy to say that they were delighted with their choices. Companies at trade shows always have giveaways, or swag, to hand out to passersby. Superior Comfort had two tables full of things like hot and cold packs candy shaped like their logo and frisbees." 
MELISSA: "Im glad I found you guys, I feel like your display was one of the most attractive thing that brought our customers to us so I appreciate that part."
SHERRY: "Our overall experience with the home show was good. It was very good. I’m glad we did it. The stress that we did and everything to prepare was totally worth it. I feel like we brought a good face to superior comfort and I feel like everything went really good."
REBECCA: "After tradeshow weekend was over, their jobs were not done yet. There were follow-up calls to be made and service calls to be answered.  Sherry was extremely happy with the results from the home show. This is just a brief glimpse into the many decisions that went into planning for this massive undertaking. For more information on how to make your first tradeshow a success check our articles and guides section, and happy tradeshow planning!"
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