Company Spotlight: Mary Sarafin

Uploaded on 23 February, 2022

Last Modified on 24 February, 2022

Meet Mary Sarafin, Product Branding Strategist at Displays2go.

A highly engaged, talented, and passionate teammate, Mary is one of our favorite collaborators here at Displays2go. What makes her stand out? She not only keeps a sharp eye on our customer's wants and needs today, but she also invests her time anticipating the demands of the future. An innovator with a clear creative vision, Mary has had her hands in some of our most unique and bestselling product lines since joining the team in 2019. We're celebrating you today, Mary!


Mary: I think something unique about me

Is that I'm very adaptable in situations.

not just in my work life,
but in my personal life as well.

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I think that being able
to kind of like pivot

and change
and kind of take constructive criticism

and use it as a way to improve
or come up with new solutions.

Hi, my name is Mary Sarafin.

I'm the product branding strategist
here at Displays2go.

My favorite part
of working for Displays2go

probably is the opportunity
to work with so many different teams and

I think that it allows you
to really create

00:00:39:13 - 00:00:41:14
a lot of great relationships
from the start.

If there's an opportunity
for like a new position or a new role

that interests you,
they're always willing to kind of hire

within and help people grow and get to
where they want in their careers.

If I could change

my role with anyone else in Displays2go,

I think one that really interests
me is Patrick Kelly's.

He is the Sustainability Engineer.

He spends a lot of time really researching
sustainable products, better ways

that we can create products
especially with like the strides

as a company
that we're making towards sustainability.

00:01:13:06 - 00:01:14:20
He gets to work really closely with that

and kind of be at the forefront of it
with our products.

My advice
to the next generation of female leaders

would really just advocate for yourself.

You know, don't be afraid
to have a voice at the table.

If you really want something be vocal
about it, ask how you can get there.

I think that, like, the future generation
kind of has that on their side,

that there's like
this whole movement behind it.

00:01:37:01 - 00:01:39:03
So kind of be at the forefront of that.

So I haven't always been great

at balancing my personal life
or my passions and my career,

but I think over time
I've realized that for me to, like,

show up and be my best
and be like really like

on task and on top of things.

Balance is crucial
if you're not like maintaining that,

then you're not really going to succeed
in any of those areas of your life.

How can other women
support each other in their careers?

I think that that kind of says it, like,
just support each other.

You know, it's a level playing field,
and I think every woman has a voice

in the room and just kind of inspiring
each other, supporting each other,

working together,
and encouraging each other to, you know,

reach those goals and continue to grow
and bring your ideas to the table.

You know, just being kind
of each other's cheerleaders.

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