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Custom Oversized Dry-Erase or Custom UV Printed Graphics Prize Checks

Uploaded on 13 October, 2021

Last Modified on 13 October, 2021

Our giant custom novelty check offers a fun and engaging way to present fundraising efforts or earnings gained for a deserving charity, recognizing a hard-working employee's contributions, showing volunteer hours in comparable salary wages, or presenting winnings to lucky lottery winners rewards. When you want to make a scene, a big check will help get the attention of your audience.


Cashier, "How are you?"
Customer. "Good, not bad."
Cashier, "OK, your total will be $5.25."
Customer, "OK, perfect. Ahh... Do you take personal checks?"
Cashier, "Yes we do."
Customer, "Oh, ok, great."
Customer, "To whom do I make it out to?
Narrator, "Displays2go's novelty checks are ideal for event planners, non-profits or charitable foundations, and all types of organizations.  Choose from dry-erase or permanently printed checks with custom printing to make your marketing event more exciting and create a lasting memory!"
Cashier, "Hi.'
Customer#2, "Hi, how are you?"
Cashier, "Good, how are you?"
Customer#2, "Um, ..  Do you guys accept checks?"
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