DIY - Painting Unfinished Wood Shelving

Uploaded on 10 November, 2015

Last Modified on 23 August, 2016

In this video, our product experts Rose & Lauren will show you how to paint your unfinished wood furniture all on your own! This is a great DIY project for adding a touch of color and fun to your store displays or home furnishings. By learning how to paint unfinished wood fixtures at home, you can achieve a custom display for a fraction of the price! Check it out!


ROSE (Narrartor): "Hey Guys, I’m Rose! In celebration of National DIY day, I thought I’d show you how you can paint an unfinished wood shelving unit to match your business’s color scheme and decor! Today, we’re painting THIS wooden display rack for our friends at the Bristol Animal Shelter in their signature colors – tan and pink!  So let’s get started!  I’m really excited – and so is Lauren!"

ROSE: "Because this product is completely unfinished wood, we’re using oil based primer and two colors of water soluble interior latex paint. The supplies you’ll need will vary depending on the fixture you’re painting. First get started by laying out a drop cloth. Prep your fixture by giving it a good sanding. We recommend 220-grit sandpaper and a sanding block. Get it nice and smooth to the touch and make sure to brush off any dust afterwards with a dry cloth. Next, you’ll need to prime your fixture. We chose an oil-based primer because it’s really great at sealing raw wood. It’s really important to give it a good stir before applying. We removed all the shelves and started priming those first because we knew we’d have to let them dry before flipping them over to do the other sides. With oil-base primers it may take up to 2 hours for the coat to fully dry. Once the primer has dried, give it one more good sanding, brushing off any dust after the fact."

LAUREN: "Sanding is so boring..."
ROSE: "But important!"

ROSE: "Unfortunately, we got a little paint on the hinges, so we just scrubbed it off with paint thinner. Now to the fun part – the painting! We really wanted to match the Bristol Animal Shelter’s logo, so we chose a nice warm beige for the entire rack and then a pop of bright pink for the shelves. We picked a flat finish for the beige color, and a semi-gloss finish for the pink. This will really help those pink highlights pop! So again, we started with the shelves so they have some time to dry while we paint the rest of the fixture. "

ROSE: "I’m putting tape here, so I don’t get tan paint where I want pink paint to go."

ROSE: "Liz, our awesome print production lead, made us some cute paw print stickers to give the project just a little bit more cuteness. The last step was applying them all over the rack. So there you have it! We turned this unfinished wood rack into a total custom display! Now it’s your turn - give it a shot!"
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