Displays2go's Letters to Santa

Uploaded on 21 December, 2016

Last Modified on 22 December, 2016

It's that time of year again! We've sent off our Letters to Santa and wish lists, complete with some great gifts straight from the Displays2go inventory. See what Displays2go goodies Santa is loading up in his sleigh this year!


“Brrrrrr!!!!  Its cold out there!  Brrrrrr!!!!   
Ho, ho, ho!
I see we have some new letters that have arrived.  Let’s see what’s in store for us this year.
Rusia, from Displays2go!”

“Dear Santa, 
For that small space in my house, I would love to get a glass cocktail table to match my beautiful bar stools.  If you can make this happen I would greatly appreciate it.
Sincerely, Rusia”

SANTA: “Well Rusia, I believe I have the perfect gift for you.  Ho, ho, ho!”

TEXT: “BRTBLGF1 Cocktail Table”

“Dear Santa, 
I just moved into my new home and would like a new mount for my curved screen TV.  I’d love something durable, but low profile, with lots of features.  Maybe one of those brackets that extends from the wall.   Either way it’s got to be something that can support this 65” curved screen.  Oh, and it has to be VESA compatible.  Something with a clean modern style will look perfect in my home, but you’ve been here so many times before I’m sure you’ll know what looks best.  Can’t wait to see what you’ll pick out for me.
Thanks Santa,
Love Kevin”

Let’s see who we have here.
Well Kevin, I don’t know, you’ve been pretty naughty this year, but I think I’ve got the perfect gift for you!!”

TEXT: “CUR3265BK Curved Wall Mount”

“Dear Santa, 
I love the tablet you got for me last year, and it’s been really useful for when I’m on the go.  But in order to make use for it at work, I would like a stand for it.  I’ve been really good this year, so could bring me a gooseneck iPad stand this year?
Thanks Santa!

“Ho, ho, ho!
Brian, you have been great this year!
Let me think for a second.  I’ve got just the thing for you!”

TEXT: “IPDSTN03BL iPad Floor Stand”

SANTA: “Ho, ho, ho!”

“Dear Santa,
Works a bore, I just need more!
More sales, more shoppers, more smiles.
My displays are so drab, and there is something I just need to have.
Shoppers remember, they remember all things.  So please bring me something that makes my register sing.”

“Love always, Charlotte”

“Charlotte!  I’ve got it!  I have the just the solution for you!  Ho, ho, ho!  You’re going to love it!!  Ho, ho, ho!!!”

TEXT: “SBX102 SplashBox Transparent Digital Display”

SANTA: “Charlotte!  I heard you wanted to hear that cash register sing!  Well how about we sing along with all those sales you’re going to be having!!  Ho, ho, ho!
Merry Christmas from Displays2go!  
Ho, Ho, Ho!!!”
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