Displays4good Donates Digital Touch Tables to Local Schools

Uploaded on 18 December, 2019

Last Modified on 24 February, 2020

Here at Displays2go we are so much more than just displays. We enjoy working with and supporting our community with opportunities through our outreach program Displays4good. It’s a way of giving back for a variety of causes from non-profit organizations to small businesses in which we can make a difference with our products and our people. This month we went to two schools, the Oak Ridge School in Sandwich, MA and The Learning Community Charter School in Central Falls, RI in which we donated two Digital Touch Tables to see how they can utilize them to create a better learning curriculum through digital content. Let us show you their story with their testimonial video.


So technology actually is a great way of giving students opportunities. It allows them to connect to other parts of the world. It accesses information that they wouldn't normally have been able to access in the past and everything's right at their touch.

Speaker 2: A lot of our students are English language learners, which means that they need to discuss and talk amongst themselves in order to help them learn and understand. So when they're able to use that tablet, they're able to then experience the technology together and then talk about it.

Speaker 3: We have a sign up and teachers sign up for it to use it for different lessons, anywhere from social studies to you know, reading to speech to social skills with the counselors. So I think there's a lot more that we've been able to utilize it for them. We thought originally you can just unplug it, roll it into your classroom, plug it in and set it up really easy to get on the wifi and do your lesson. And then when you're done, unplug it, roll it along to the next classroom.

Speaker 2: I've been using it as a reward system as well. We have an amazing program. It's called Epic. It's books and you, it's really cool because you can even like, it looks like you're turning the pages and students are able to read on it. And it looks like a regular book that they're able to turn the pages really awesome.

Speaker 1: You instantly saw this increase in curiosity and engagement with both the staff and the students. Apps that they may have used independently or in isolation on their own device sort of came alive and the conversations really started to flourish and you saw a lot more collaboration between students and teachers starting to think, okay, how can I use this to engage kids in a new way?

Speaker 2: My favorite part of the digital touch table has to be that you can color on it. My favorite part about the digital types to table is that you can see how fast the plants or a bit around the sun. I like it because you can have a screen that can move and go into a planet that you want to see instead of just being locked there. Okay. Knock knock. Who's there? Dwayne? Dwayne who? Dwayne the bathtub. I'm drowning. Get that one in a book.
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