Employee Spotlight with 2018 Interns

Uploaded on 11 September, 2018

Last Modified on 11 September, 2018

At Displays2go we have always had the pleasure of welcoming interns from all different universities from the surrounding areas to learn and prepare them for life in the workplace. We wanted to do something different this year by showcasing their time here over the summer and letting everyone in on how it went. Watch this interview to get up close and personal Owen and Megan.


Tell me a little about yourself?  What school did you attend?

Owen: "I'm Owen Russell.  I go to Brown University."

Megan: "My name is Megan Giglio.  I'm a marketing major at Roger Williams University."

How was your time here at Displays2go?

Owen: "Did a lot of stuff and went through a bunch of different cycles of the company and learned a lot.  It was a great experience."

Megan: "It was really awesome!  I definitely learned a lot from the company and it was my first internship and I actually physically learned what marketing is."

Do you remember your first day?

Owen: "Yeah, first day was a lot of meetings and kind of just jumping right in.  I got to be a part of video right away.  That was pretty cool.  I think I made a big impact."

Megan: "I didn't know what to expect.  I actually thought I was going to be alone as an intern and then Owen walked in, and I was like, Oh. I have a friend!"

How did you like working with everyone?

Owen: "I loved it.  Everyone was so friendly.  It was a really nice environment to be in and it was a great place to learn.  That's what I enjoyed most."

Megan: "Everyone was just so friendly here and just tought us every department that we curculated through. Which was really awesome."

Did you make any friends?

Owen: "Yeah!  I'm best buddies with Meg now!"


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