How to a Assemble Tension Fabric Shelf Stand

Uploaded on 01 February, 2017

Last Modified on 11 October, 2017

This tension fabric shelf stand is a great addition to any tradeshow setup. Have your custom graphics printed on stretch fabric and let your company's logo or message stand out. Easy to assemble and transport, this trade show display counter is perfect for any business event!


REBECCA (narrator):
Everything that you need to set up the counter will come in a large portable canvas bag. Your graphics will come in their own drawstring backpack. We recommend taking everything out of the bag and organizing the aluminum pipes based on their numbers, if possible.
To start, take the wooden counter piece with the blue number 1 tabs on them and place it on the ground, tabs up.  Then take the 4 aluminum poles with the matching blue tabs that say the number 1 and screw them into the metal channels.
Next, take the second wooden counter piece and place it on top of the aluminum poles so that the poles go through the cutouts in the wood.
Now you can apply your custom graphics.  Wrap the graphics around the base and bottom of the counter and pull up to stretch them out.
Line the seem of the graphics up with the notch in the countertop. 
Continue inserting the aluminum pipes t build the frame. Follow the numbered poled clicking them into place sequentially until you have completed the rounded rectangle top.
Now you can start applying your graphics. If youc ant reach the top of the frame, try tilting the entire unit.  Pull the graphics up and over the frame and then pull them down to the countertop.
Now you can start assembling the shelves.  Click the poles into place through the countertop following the same numbering  sequence.  Place one of the acrylic shelves on top of the poles allowing the poles to come through the cutout in the shelf.
Then, Attach the shelving brackets to the frame by poking it through the pre-cut holes in your graphic.  Screw the bracket into frame, as well as the underside of the shelf.
Repeat these steps for the second shelf.
Once the second shelf has been attached, screw the silver caps into the top part of the shelf where it meets the piping. Your tradeshow display counter is now ready to be used.
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