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How to: Digital Touch Screens Tutorial for Android Devices

Uploaded on 05 March, 2019

Last Modified on 29 August, 2023

Learn the basics regarding the android operating system on some of our more popular digital products. Utilizing the touch screen technology you can help yourself create personalized layouts and see some quick tips for making you navigate faster around your digital touchscreen.


Holly: "This is the demo for the touch-screen digital products that have an android operating system.  So I’m going to show you some basic functionalities using the touch pen or your finger.  So first I’m going to show how to get to the main menu.  This is the main menu page and to get to the wi-fi, hit settings.  Here you select wifi, select your network, and here you would type in your credentials and click connect.  Very simple.   

Now I’m going to show you how to pull content from a usb and play it using our slideshow application.  So go back to the main menu.  Go to Explorer.  Home.  Now select your usb storage.  Mine are in usb 2 and then you’re going to select the content you’d like to play.  Please keep in mind that this does go in alphabetical order or some sort of number or some sequence that you like.  So now you select multi and the files you like.  Editor. Copy. Home. NAND Flash, Media Folder, images, editor, and paste.  Now the images you selected are there.  Now I can return to the home page and open the slide show application.  Now you can select the time in which you would like to play your photos.  If you’d like a different display mode, I’m going to keep it on normal for 3 seconds for each image and now play.  And now the content is playing exactly how I loaded it into the folder. You can repeat the same steps for video, you would just drop the video files into the video folder and it will play the same way.

Now some people want to remove this navigation pane at the bottom.  So if you would like to do that you would go to the main screen again, settings, display.  Now go to display navigation and just un-check the box.  Now here you can go back to settings, but now you would need the remote to get back to the home screen.  Just click the back button and now you’re back to the home screen.

Now you can open up the slide show application using the touch pen or your finger.  Select play and now the navigation pane is no longer there.  Now if you liked to back out of this, you do need to use the remote again.  Simply use the back button and you’re back to the home page.  I’m going to turn the pane back on.  Go to Main Menu, settings, display, and it’s as easy as that and the navigation pane is back.

These are just some easy tips and tricks for using the display and as you can tell there are many different applications that are pre-installed and many different things that you can do with it.  This is just some tips and tricks to get you started."

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