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Introducing: Touchscreen Floor Directory Kiosks

Uploaded on 07 November, 2018

Last Modified on 07 February, 2022

Familiarize yourself with our touchscreen directory kiosks in this quick introduction video. We give a brief overview of some important features of these interactive display fixtures, like important specs and the included software. Give your guests an experience that will make the right impression with these touchscreen kiosks.


Chris: "Hi, I’m Chris with Displays2go and I’m excited to tell you about our indoor touch screen directory kiosks. 

The first thing you’ll notice is the beautiful 43” LCD screen with 10-point infrared touch capability, set into either a black or white freestanding steel housing, to match any décor style. This tempered glass touch screen outputs in full 1080p, combining bright, bold, and vivid messaging with industry-standard durability. 

Android 5.1 comes pre-installed, giving you basic plug-n-play advertising and display functionality right out of the box, plus the freedom to install ready-made apps from the app store.
You can also install software that’s been tailor-made to fit your business. With properly developed content, this kiosk becomes an interactive platform for guests that can deliver dynamic facility, personnel, and event info, and more, to improve their experience in unexpected ways. 

From retailers large and small, to hospitals, universities, corporate offices, and even trade shows, these indoor touch screen directory kiosks are sure to make an impact with your visitors. 
Find these and more and displays2go.com!"
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