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K-Series Gondola Shelving Demo

Uploaded on 14 April, 2016

Last Modified on 05 January, 2017

Our line of K-series gondola shelving is incredibly popular among retailers for good reason! These classic store shelves are extremely versatile, durable, and hold large of amount of many styles of merchandise. Choose panels with peg hooks or detachable shelves, depending on your need. You can even purchase special add-on gondola shelving units to give your store display more space for product.


REBECCA (Narrator): "In the world of retail displays, gondola shelving is king and it’s not hard to see why. 
With so many different styles, sizes and accessories it is one of the most versatile and practical ways to display products in a retail environment.
Welcome to our K-series of gondola retail shelving.
Each unit includes 2 slotted upright frames to hook additional panels and accessories and secure metal bases with levelers.
Choose between perforated or plain panels. We offer a variety of shelves and hooks for a truly custom display. Our units are also available as single or double sided so they can be used against a wall or in the middle of your retail space.
These shelving units are available in various heights and widths to work with your business’ floor plan.
There is a variety of shelving accessories available for use with these gondolas. The shelves fit securely onto the brackets and support up to 75 pounds. 
Clear plastic strips can be added to the front of each shelf, providing an area for small signage and pricing information.
The peg hooks are available in 5 lengths and have a 3-pronged base for extra support.
Each size and style is available with add-on panels to extend your display space.
You can create custom length aisles and extended wall shelving with these add on units.
Each additional unit arrives with a single upright unit and hooks onto the slotted frame of the main unit. 
Please note that the add-on units must be purchased with a component product – they cannot stand alone.
While assembly is moderately easy, if find yourself having issues, we recommend using a rubber mallet. This will help secure panels into place, without damaging the unit."
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