LED Retail Shelving with Media Player and 15 Color Changing Options

Uploaded on 09 October, 2020

Last Modified on 05 November, 2020

Our LED retail shelving with media player and illuminated side panels is a modern display solution perfect for department stores, high-end boutiques, liquor shops, or any merchandising space with a tech-forward focus. This digital advertising kiosk pairs brand messaging with impressive visuals and sound for an enhanced shopping experience that is sure to captivate customers. As an alternative option to traditional print signage, this LED retail shelving with media player entices your audience's attention by vividly displaying your marketing content on a 21.5" LCD screen with HD picture resolution. Each illuminated multi-media kiosk features a built-in Android operating system with access to Google Play store, Chrome web browser, and a slideshow app already installed. This LED retail shelving with media player also has convenient HDMI, Ethernet, and two USB ports in addition to internal speakers that support video, image, slideshow, and animation files for an engaging customer experience. Easily upload promotional messaging, brand content, or product demos to this modern digital display to increase advertising potential. The side panels on this LED retail shelving with media player have up to 15 different vibrant light color changing options as well as strobing, dimming, and speed controls that allow you to customize your showcase whenever merchandising updates are needed. Suitable for high traffic areas, this digital advertising kiosk is made up of a durable aluminum frame with a silver powder-coated finish designed to withstand years of use. This illuminated multi-media display additionally includes four white frosted tempered glass shelves to merchandise best-selling or key promotional products. Stage our LED retail shelving with media player within your retail space to create a fully modernized showcase that will make both your inventory and brand messaging stand out!


MAX: Display your digital messaging, showcase product, and wow customers with this unique and contemporary LED Retail Shelving Display with Media Player. Two LED panels that have a full range of colors and control options complement an ultra-sleek aluminum enclosure. Ideal for anywhere that a robust digital advertising message can be delivered, this unit features a 21" digital screen with LCD High Resolution screen that displays content with breathtaking clarity. Bring attention to your product and create engaging advertisements for your business with this LED Retail Shelving Display with Media Player, now available at Displays2go.
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