Non-Contact Body Temperature Screening Kiosk with Plug and Play Design

Uploaded on 29 June, 2020

Last Modified on 23 August, 2021

This non-contact body temperature screening kiosk is an easy way to maintain a healthy environment and take additional precautions with COVID defense at corporate offices, shopping centers, grocery stores, casinos, exhibit centers, college campuses, and more. This no-touch fever detector quickly scans your forehead and detects anywhere from 95.9° to 107.6° F and is to be used as a supplemental precautionary device, not diagnostic. The non-contact body temperature screening kiosk will then give you one of three verbal messages, letting you know if your condition is too low, normal, or too high. This digital thermometer does not take your photo or perform any facial recognition to protect users' privacy. This no-touch fever detector has a simple plug and play set up and will give you a reading in a tenth of a second. If your patron's hands are full of bags, they will be pleased to discover that they do not need to press any buttons with this automated hands-free setup designed for ease of use while still maintaining social distance. This floor standing thermometer is a simple way to elevate further the COVID defense measures your facility is enforcing. This non-contact body temperature screening kiosk will bring ease in public spaces giving your employees, guests, and patrons a higher confidence level as they work, shop, or dine in your place of business.

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