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Product Demo: Android Media Player

Uploaded on 19 January, 2017

Say goodbye to error messages and compatibility issues with an Android media player. It supports most file types (including video, audio and music, images, and more) for a crisp picture with a 1080p playback. In this video demonstration, we'll show you how this Android media player works and highlight its newest features.


"This HD media player equipped with the Android OS software offers a versatile and unique feature set to accommodate your every need for your job or your own home preference.
The unit includes 2 front facing USB slots with support for a mobile HDD and an included micro SD card slot.
On the back there is your HDMI output for 1080p playback, a microphone input, and your built in wifi antenna with the 802.11 b/g/n standard 
Scroll through applications on the menu once you have signed in with your Google account on the home screen.
The HD media player also includes wired and wireless mouse and keyboard operation making things easy to move around while giving you the feel of working on a computer.  
Surfing the internet has never been so easy with this option.
You can also add your own content on the device and using a USB flash drive and using the provided IR remote control.
The player also supports 4K playback of images and video with a capable 4k monitor.  Making images pop and seem more lifelike than ever!
Surf the Google play store for Android apps, games, and business applications to customize your own content on your media player!"
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