Product Series Showcase: Digitally Enhanced Suggestion Ballot Box with

Uploaded on 24 May, 2018

Last Modified on 14 January, 2019

This line of suggestion ballot boxes with video screens helps to increase the reach of your message. In a world where consumer attention is at a premium, you need an extra edge to stand out. Digitally-enhanced multimedia fixtures broadcast what you have to say loud and clear and draw more eyeballs to your cause, message, or brand.


CHRIS (Narrator): “If everyone’s just passing you by, how can you collect more donations and leads?

Introducing a new take on the old standard.

The addition of a dynamic multimedia screen allows you to load and play your own promotional videos to generate interest…”

TEXT: “ 7” Video Screen” 

CHRIS: “Bring attention to your cause with captivating content…”

TEXT: “ 8.5” X 11” Sign Holder”

CHRIS: “And cut through the noise to make a great first impression!”

TEXT: “Floor Standing Design | Optional Dual Screens”

CHRIS: “Give your message the impact it deserves.

Digital Ballot Boxes from Displays2go.”
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