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Product Series Showcase: Digitally Enhanced Suggestion Ballot Box with

Uploaded on 24 May, 2018

This line of suggestion ballot boxes with video screens helps to increase the reach of your message. In a world where consumer attention is at a premium, you need an extra edge to stand out. Digitally-enhanced multimedia fixtures broadcast what you have to say loud and clear and draw more eyeballs to your cause, message, or brand.


CHRIS (Narrator): “If everyone’s just passing you by, how can you collect more donations and leads?

Introducing a new take on the old standard.

The addition of a dynamic multimedia screen allows you to load and play your own promotional videos to generate interest…”

TEXT: “ 7” Video Screen” 

CHRIS: “Bring attention to your cause with captivating content…”

TEXT: “ 8.5” X 11” Sign Holder”

CHRIS: “And cut through the noise to make a great first impression!”

TEXT: “Floor Standing Design | Optional Dual Screens”

CHRIS: “Give your message the impact it deserves.

Digital Ballot Boxes from Displays2go.”
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