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Spotlight Feature: Padanaram Outfitters Spotlight Video

Uploaded on 11 October, 2019

Last Modified on 30 October, 2019

Owner and visionary, Natalie Sine, of Padanaram Outfitters has grown her business through hard work. See how she has built her business and personal relationship with Displays2go.


Natalie: "We are a family owned business run in Padanaram, Massachusetts.  Hi I'm Natalie.  I am the proprietor here of Padanaram Outfitters and Dahlia Living.  And we opened our doors here at 321 Elm Street about a year ago last September.

We realized Padanaram really did not offer anything for gentlemen.  Along with that we opened the other side which is Dahlia Living.  So we have the women come in to shop and the men follow.  You don't see them sitting out on a bench waiting for the wives to come back out.

They're all coming in together.  We found it just works."
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