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Why The Workshop by Displays2go

Uploaded on 29 April, 2016

Did you know that we create, design, and build many of our own products? At The Workshop by Displays2go, we’ve been making quality products right under our own roof since 1974. From literature holders to charging stations to lecterns, these handcrafted items are the backbone of our company. Learn more about The Workshop and the people who make some of these amazing products.


BRYAN (Narrator): “In 1974, we started our company with a belief.”

TIFFANY: “We believe that our customers shouldn’t have to make a choice between high quality or affordability. So, we’ve tried to come up with the perfect blend with our Workshop series that combines those features together to really make some great products.”

MICHELLE: “We started making our own products in-house over 40 years ago. We’ve continued to do it -and we are proud of this line of products that we manufacture are The Workshop.”

BRYAN: “The process of creating and crafting our Workshop collection is all done in-house. The development, the design, the engineering, the manufacturing, the packaging – all done under the same roof and all done by real people.”

BOB: “The Workshop is our bread and butter. It’s a small part of our larger inventory, but it’s unique because we make it from start to finish. Really, it’s the backbone of our company.”

MIKE: “We’re about using better materials, better designs, and just generally better products than everybody else.”

MICHELLE: “The Workshop really is us. It’s the people that have been building the products for over 10-15 years.”

TIFFANY: “It’s made by people who care. Right from the quality materials that we’re selecting at affordable prices, the fact that it’s made here and crafted. So something that customers can then trust and rely on for years to come.”

BOB: “At Displays2go Workshop we’re always discovering new ways to be better.” 

BRYAN: “By constantly growing our inventory to fit our customers’ needs, by using cutting edge technology to get you your products faster and make them come alive.”

MIKE:  “Because we do such a large volume, we can offer a good price. And we’re good at what we do, so we churn out good quality products.”

MICHELLE:  “We make it. We make it in good quality, at affordable prices, and we ship it same day! What more could you ask for? Why would we stop?”
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