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Uploaded on 10 September, 2021

Last Modified on 05 October, 2021

Did you know that we create, design, and build many of our own products? At The Workshop by Displays2go, we’ve been making quality products right under our own roof since 1974. From literature holders to charging stations to lecterns, these handcrafted items are the backbone of our company. Learn more about The Workshop and the people who make some of these amazing products.


Jeff: "Since 1974, Displays2go has been producing

many of our top selling products
 completely in-house.

From development to production, 

Displays2go's the workshop series
 continues to grow to include

more high quality displays
 without the high price tag.

What goes into the process
 of designing a product for the workshop?

Alan: Well, first we try
 to determine a market need.

Then we try to determine
 what we can do better.

And then after that, we try and determine
 the materials and processes

we can use to make the best quality
 product at a reasonable price.

Transitioning from several small
 warehouses and a manufacturing center

in Bristol, Rhode Island, 

to a large scale production facility
 in Fall River, Massachusetts, we've

expanded our capacity to meet the volume
 and demand of our customers.

Richard: Making our products
 in-house is so important for our customers

because we have material.

Most of the products we have are in stock.

The lead time is very much shorter
 and our customers are always happy.

With nearly 50 years
 of experience we've learned

how to engineer our products
 to be as user friendly as possible,

using high quality
 materials and old fashioned dedication.

All of our workshop products 

are assembled and manufactured
 right here in the USA.

Fabio: Good quality is at the root
 of everything we do.

You take that and the fact
 that you get all the benefits of working

with a creative group of people
 and a production company under one roof.

I mean, what's better than that? 

It's really what sets us apart
 from other companies like us.

The workshop series of products promises
 superior quality with a team of builders

and acrylic benders with decades
 of combined experience and expertise.

We are constantly implementing
 technical upgrades

and updating our facility
 with the most cutting edge machinery

and equipment in order
 to offer our customers the best product,

best prices, and best quality.

When you buy any of our products
 from the workshop,

you can buy with confidence 

that you are getting a high quality
 product made right here in the U.S.A..

The workshop series
 is exclusively developed, designed,

and manufactured in our production
 facility for Displays2go."

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