Wall Mount Display Cases For Commercial or Residential Use

Wall-Mount Display Cases - Wooden Cabinet Fixtures Conserve Space and Showcase Merchandise

This wall mounted display case features a beautiful wood grain.Wall-mount display cases are common fixtures in many businesses. This site offers wall-mount display cases of many sizes and styles to our customers. These display cases are great for showcasing smaller items in your home or business. This line of wall-mount display cases includes both wood and metal varieties, for your convenience. Many of these wood cabinets feature mirrored backs to further enhance the displayed items. In addition, this wall mounted display case is offered in various widths and color choices. Wall-mount display cases, also known as wall display showcases, are great for displaying electronics, collectibles, china, and much more. We sell wall-mount display cases geared towards both retail and residential use. You will find the perfect wall-mount display cases right here! Browse our entire selection. We also offer a wide range of tower and counter show cases as well.

Use this wall mounted display case to showcase fragile or valuable memorabilia.Wall show cases, curio cabinets, and other wall-mount display cases are designed to save floor space as well as provide an eye-level presentation. These wall show cases, wall-mount display cases are perfect for use in boutiques, museums, hotels, lobbies, doctor's offices, and much more. They are the perfect display cases for smaller spaces, where a tower showcase just would not fit. Most of these wall-mount display cases are designed to hold smaller items, but some are large enough to hold larger items as well. We offer our customers a wide range of choices so they can find the wall-mount display case to suit their exact needs.

There are two basic styles of wall-mount display cases offered here. The first is geared more towards retail or business use and is generally crafted from metal and glass. The styles of wall-mount display cases available here for retail use are both functional and attractive. Retail use wall show cases are generally larger than those cases geared towards home use. These wall-mount cases give the user a great bang for their buck. The 48" wide styles can truly hold a large amount of merchandise. Wall-mount display cases are important for retail stores and other businesses because they keep the merchandise at eye-level while saving floor space at the same time. The mainly glass design makes products viewable from nearly any angle.This wall mounted display case complements any d├ęcor.

The other wall-mounted display cases for sale here are geared towards home or residential use. These styles of wall-mount cases are often seen in homes, displaying fine china, collectibles, or memorabilia. These display cases tend to be glass and wood, rather than glass and metal. Most of the home-use wall-mount display cases available here are crafted by one of the finest display case manufacturers in the United States: The Howard Miller Company. The Howard Miller name represents superior craftsmanship and quality. The company has been around for nearly 100 years and is continually providing some of the best wall mounted display case products to consumers across the country. Customers should take pride in knowing that these fixtures are made in the USA.

Although it was mentioned that metal wall-mount display cases are typically used by businesses and wood wall showcases are generally seen in homes or residences, this does not mean that a wood case would not be ideal for a certain type of commercial setting or vice versa. These showcases are versatile wall-mount display cases. Here we strive to offer a complete selection so customers can find exactly what it is they need for a specific location. Our warehouse is home to more than 1.5 million in-stock units; 98% of which are ready for same day shipment, if your order is received before 3PM EST. This site is one of America's largest, oldest, and most successful POP wholesalers, in business for over 39 years, and growing steadily. Buy from Displays2go today to receive outstanding customer service and an unbeatable selection. Knowledgeable call center representatives are available Monday through Friday at; 1-800-572-2194, or order online anytime! There is also a live chat feature available weekdays for immediate responses to general questions that may arise while browsing this site. A showcase, or wall mounted display case is the perfect addition to your home or business! Buy one of these cabinets today from the leader in the business, and see what everyone else is raving about! Thank you for shopping here; we appreciate your patronage and look forward to serving you in the near future.

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