Light Blue Retail Store Fixtures Featuring Same-Color Racks, Tables, & Mannequins

Fresh and Modern Store Displays from our Light Blue Collection!

Maintaining a consistent floor plan at your place of business starts with compatibility. Our line of light blue retail store fixtures offers retailers a fabulous opportunity! This breezy shade is very popular, providing a cool look to any contemporary interior. Most of our light blue retail store fixtures are designed for clothing and garments, like mannequins and hanging racks. Convenient storage cabinets and nesting tables round out the collection. Thanks to their clean lines and simple construction, these stylish furnishings aspire to be more than your typical store fixture. Offer customers an attractive presentation that's sure to showcase your merchandise at the highest level!

What kinds of merchandising displays are part of this light blue series?
  • The bulk of our retail store fixtures come in the form of rectilinear tables. Placed at or near store entrances, they provide an ideal platform for highlighting new arrivals or sale items. We stock two distinctly different table styles. One features white steel legs and the other boasts a "waterfall" design — where the tabletop continues down the legs in a continuous fashion. We also offer the waterfall version with a smaller size table that can be nested underneath the larger one. The 2-door cabinet provides space for displaying merchandise on top while offering plenty of storage room beneath.
  • Garment store fixtures are available as hanging racks or mannequins. The floor-standing rack features a horizontal hanger bar inside. At the bottom, a raised platform can be used for storing folded clothing or shoes. The dress forms, constructed from fiberglass, come with a high gloss finish in a series of female poses. They come with stylized, neutral features. Paired with a table or clothes rack, these upscale mannequins enhance your apparel with their modern appearance.

Excepting the fiberglass dress forms, these light blue furnishings are constructed from solid MDF with a painted finish. Their design provides a good match for not only upscale apparel shops but also trendier, independent clothes boutiques. With same-color furnishings, your store's layout will project a more cohesive appearance. Present your merchandise to potential customers while creating a more positive shopping experience!

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