Flags and Banners With Open & Welcome Messages

Open Flags Indicate Business Openings for Customers

Open FlagsThese open flags are optimal banners that welcome customers into a business or establishment from off of the street. Get messages across like never before. These open flags, also known as banner flags and advertising flags, have two grommets to attach a flag to a pole securely, without worry of damaging the nylon. The durable design on these models enables them to withstand harsh conditions and inclement weather. In fact, many of these displays can function well in the face of winds 50 miles per hour. These open flags are capable of integrating with flagpoles. A wooden pole allows users to quickly hang a new message in front of the business. These open flags are available in both rectangular and feather shapes. Do these models come with all the equipment? Displays2go sells open flags with all necessary hardware to attach the flag pole to any business's storefront. An adjustable aluminum bracket can be attached to a wall, allowing users to display the flag at different angles. Also included with all these five foot tall open flags are two EZ clips that fasten banners without any problem. EZ clips feature plastic screws that users place through the grommets and then tighten into a plastic ring on the pole.

In what types of situations are these banner flags commonly used?
  • Restaurants often place these welcoming signs outside their store to attract customers. Passersby are easily able to recognize that an eatery is ready for business when these banner flags, stating things such as "Restaurant," are up. A message such as "Pizza" further informs customers as to what exactly the restaurant offers.
  • Retail stores option models of this ilk to promote and welcome customers into their business. These banner flags offer a sense of hospitality that can create a whole new atmosphere for an institution. Give superstores the quaintness of a small town convenience store with these displays.
  • Grand openings are a great time to hang message flags outside or in the store front window. Let customers know that after a long wait, the store is finally open to the public. Celebrate the occasion with style!

Open FlagsThe outdoor flags are made of nylon with red, white, and blue stripes. This nylon is quite rugged, and the bright colors help to draw potential customers' attention to your store. Banner flags feature a slew of different messages written across the middle white stripe in black lettering. "Welcome," "Open," "Sale," "Pizza," and "Restaurant" are all available in this collection. The messages are legible from even far distances away. These outdoor flags, welcome flags hang outside of the building to alert passersby that you are ready to service them! Don't miss out on attracting potential customers into the restaurant or retail store. These advertising flags, marketing flags are double hemmed for extra stability. All of the displays are designed for indoor and outdoor use. Exterior flags, advertising banners, as well as other welcome flags greet customers into your business as they enter off of the street.

How versatile are these welcoming banners?
  • Mounting these displays to an exterior is the most traditional manner in which to showcase these banner flags. These marketing solutions easily attach to message poles. There are also auxiliary poles and equipment that conveniently mount to any wall. Displays2go.com offers poles and brackets that will move up to 90 degrees.
  • Additional outdoor use can be achieved with attaching the flags to bases on the ground. There are two different options that will securely keep the banners in place.
  • Users can place these banner flags in store front windows or attach them to the wall. The strong, metal reinforced grommets can hang on nails and other hardware. Users can string these flags from the ceiling for more advertising opportunities.
Open Flags

All of the necessary hardware is included with the majority of these message flags. All washers, bolts, and screws are right there in the kit. Ground models feature either stakes or bases. The stake style banner stands include a stake and cross base. Simply screw the stake into the ground and then attach the cross base onto the top. A water bag is included with these flags for extra stability. The bag sits on top of the base. These models also come with a black bag for easy carrying. Water fill bases have caps that unscrew and allow users to pour in up to six gallons of water. There is a bungee cord included to further secure the flag to the base. This cord allows the flag to function in winds at excess of 50 miles per hour! All of these outdoor mounts are great at showcasing messages and advertising businesses!

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