Modern Colored Block Retail Fixtures - Nesting Tables, Cabinets and Clothing Racks

Block-Style Display Fixtures in Contemporary Color Options for Retail Use

Looking for the perfect merchandising solution for your store? Our catalog of modern colored block retail fixtures adds a contemporary touch to any setting. These furnishings are available in enticing shades, both bright and neutral options to meet the needs of users in all types of establishments. Modern colored block retail fixtures are great for hanging garments and displaying small items like jewelry, purses, or trinkets. Each piece of furniture is made from MDF (medium density fiberboard), a durable material that holds up to the wear and tear of a store environment. Browse through our collection of modern colored block retail fixtures to find furnishings to fit your needs.

What types of store furnishings are available?
  • Modern colored block retail fixtures come as nesting tables with white steel legs. Each unit has an MDF countertop with color options of gray, light blue, and maple. These tabletops can stand alone or nest within each other to create an enticing merchandising display for showcasing small products and garments.
  • Nesting tables made from 100% MDF are available in different sizes. Customers can mix and match to create the perfect display. Like the tabletops with the steel legs, these also come in gray, white, and light blue. These units are also available in sets of two — with one larger table and one smaller one to perfectly house merchandise of all kinds.
  • Block-style garment racks will give any store a contemporary feel. With one rod, these are great for hanging clothes like jackets, dresses, and blouses. The unique shape also allows for space at the bottom to display things like shoes or folded clothes. Enhance a store, home, or school with these garment racks.
  • Block-style cabinets have the best of both worlds — display products on top or store items inside. These units are solid and have plenty of space throughout. Users can get creative when it comes to the display they want to create. Like the garment racks, these can also be used outside of a store, such as in the home or a daycare center.

Creating a welcoming ambiance in your store is essential to making your customers feel at ease while they shop. Our display accessories have cool and neutral contemporary color options to help fashion that atmosphere you're searching for. The unique structure of these furnishings also cultivates a modern setting for showcasing merchandise. Choose Displays2go for your merchandising needs!

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