Poster Stands with Charging Stations Provide A Boost to Portable Devicess

Charging Kiosks with Poster Frames Support Apple and Android Devices

Looking for a way to engage with passersby? Look no further than involving their smartphone! It’s hard to find a person today without a mobile device, so why not create an advertising opportunity that incorporates their phone? Poster stands with charging stations engage passersby by offering them a way to juice up their device and while they wait, they have the chance to view your signage. In a fast-paced world, it’s difficult to get someone to stop and spend time looking at advertisements. Public poster stands with charging stations are an effective way to get your brand and message across to your audience. Ideal at trade shows, expo events, conference centers, airports, and other commercial settings with lots of foot traffic, these kiosks will bring your branding efforts to the next level. Floor standing charging stations with sign holders are literally the best of both worlds — they provide a service and promote your business simultaneously.

What are some key features of public floor standing charging kiosks with sign frames?
  • Poster stands with charging stations feature a 22” x 28” snap-open frame to house advertisements in portrait orientation. The design of the frame makes it easy to swap out signage when needed. This is especially convenient if your business requires advertisement updates often. Some models are even double-sided, giving foot traffic from either direction exposure to the signage on display.
  • Each freestanding kiosk comes with 6, 10, or 20 lightning or micro-USB charging cables that support both Apple and Android devices. A shelf comes with each unit (most are height adjustable), so users can set down their phones while they recharge. Double-sided models have a shelf on each side. While they rest their devices, passersby will get a good look at your signage on display.
  • Some models have the option of adding custom printed headers to the top of their poster frame. The extra signage can give your advertisements the boost it needs to grab the attention of passersby.
  • Kiosks are available in black and white finishes — both shades are neutral enough to blend in well with any location's décor.

There’s no easier way to promote your business at your trade show booth, conference hall, or event facility than with a public floor charging kiosk — and it couldn’t be any more effective. Looking for other charging kiosk options? Apple and android wall mounted charging kiosks with custom graphics are great for crowded areas with little floor space. Shop online at Displays2go for quick shipping and low prices.

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