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Wall and Desk Business Card Holders - Single-Pocket & Tiered Designs

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Business card holders help distribute your employees' contact information. Spreading the word about company information & professional services is crucial for any establishment's success. Just one desktop holder for info cards will ensure that contacts and visiting cards are arranged neatly. The design of these informational pockets makes it easy for clients and potential customers to pick up corporate information. These acrylic and metal business card displays, also called contact card cases feature multiple pocket & tiered designs to showcase a large amount of calling cards in an organized yet eye-catching manner. Potential customers and existing clients will naturally be attracted to the desk accessories or wall mounted organizers. The contact card cases are even sold in wooden finishes. The natural look of the wood business card holders creates a professional presentation that is ideal for use in any commercial office. There is certainly a style that will match perfectly with the decor no matter the setting.

These wood and plastic contact card cases are also referred to as visiting card displays because they were designed specifically to keep a collection of info cards orderly and accessible. Are the office metal and acrylic business card displays available in different types? Both wall mounted and desktop designs are available. Buyers can also choose from a variety of single pocket, multi-pocket, and tiered card case holders. Each uses simple technology to advertise information. By displaying business cards in a fixture, case, or holder, you are also preventing them from becoming disorganized or damaged due to customer browsing. These corporate literature showcases present calling information in a neat fashion.

What are some of the most popular types of multi-pocket contact card cases available?
  • Business card displays with multiple pockets are some of the most common desk accessories our customers order. These card cases, or boxes, are perfect for displaying small amounts of company information. Usually they are a bit cheaper than the other models for sale online, which makes them ideal for any budget.
  • Wall hanging office contact card cases and racks are perfect for locations with many calling cards. Visitor centers frequently hang up a multi-pocket dispenser to distribute many visiting cards at a time. Some of these wall mounted dispensers features accessories, like headers and signage areas, that help users customize their holder.
  • Another exciting product line includes the custom cases and personalized cases. These are typically made from clear plastic and can be printed with a logo or slogan. Acrylic and polycarbonate are some of the most common styles for logo customization. Be sure to contact one of our representatives for more details on personalized custom designs.
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These multi-pocket card dispensers are available in a range of sizes to meet the varying needs of our consumers & their budgets. Large and small establishments can benefit from this collection. The calling card holders are even available as large-size, 66 pocket wall mount holders ideal for use in business lobbies or shopping centers. Office complex owners can display the information for all of the companies and agents working in the building in a single business card box. We recommend using these particular acrylic calling card displays as profit-making and lead building tools, by simply charging a small fee for neighboring businesses to utilize the presentational space. For smaller office environments, we recommend using the desktop and tabletop contact card case stands, such as our wooden desk accessories & racks. There is definitely an option for every calling card and literature presentation situation.

Where can a display for business cards be used?
  • Most of the time, the application depends on the specific model. For example, desk accessories, including custom and stock holders, are ideal for office environments. Home offices and professional offices are both great places to set up the business card holders.
  • Tabletop holders for credit or calling cards are also well-suited for POP implementation in retail locations. Many retailers position an acrylic desk card holder near the register, so customers can readily access company information. Advertising in this passive manner is one of the best ways to increase brand recognition and improve repeat customer rates.
  • As mentioned briefly, the wall cases and dispensers are most helpful when used in commercial environments simply because they are capable of holding multiple calling cards at once. Some of the business card pockets can accommodate as many as 100 cards of each style for a total of 6,000. Make sure to consider all the ins and outs of displaying visiting cards before settling on your final choice of products. It's also important to think about the design of your cards as well as their dimensions. Typically business cards measure 3.5" x 2", but there can be slight variances depending on where they get printed and how they are cut. Higher quality printers tend to offer the best products, but most of our holders are designed to accommodate anything from economy to expensive artistic calling cards.
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In addition to business cards, the acrylic holders can be used to display other kinds of cards. Store credit cards are often placed in the cases near the register or checkout stand to increase clientele and expand the customer base. Other times, simple gift cards are placed in the pockets. The tiered displays are perfect for this application, especially when there are many different gift cards. Lots of gift cards feature a logo or decorative image that entices the buyer. Retailers will often showcase all the logo and image styles in a "collect-them-all" presentation to trigger more product purchases.

In addition to the wholesale contact card cases and credit card display products seen here, we also offer an extensive selection of multi-pocket literature racks & brochure display fixtures. Feel free to browse through our entire selection to find the right stock or personalized literature-holding accessories for your individual needs. We also offer a wide variety of POP display products for every presentational need possible. There are over 7,000 different options available in this collection. This number is constantly growing to include the latest innovations in the field. From literature racks to retail fixtures, we have everything you could need to create a successful display. Come back frequently to see the new options and get great deals on older models. Any and all questions regarding the line of items can be directed to the consumer service department. These highly skilled agents are able to help perplexed customers both on the phone and through live chat! Shop Displays2Go for the most diverse selection of POP fixtures & accessories presently available online!