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Literature Display Fixtures - Brochure & Magazine Holders for Walls, Countertops & Floors

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Why buy literature holders for your business? These brochure and flyer displays are essential for growing companies because they help distribute pamphlets and marketing materials effectively. Our large selection of wholesale literature holders features countertop as well as wall mounted and floor-standing designs. Some of these single pocket leaflet racks are dual purpose units that work both ways. The tri-fold pamphlet holders for sale are designed in countertop and wall mount designs. Easy-access literature holders, sometimes referred to as sales brochure displays, provide a practical solution for organizing publications in offices, retail stores, and visitor centers at tourist destinations. Pamphlets, leaflets, and flyers are often printed up with vibrant graphics describing product and service details that entice potential clients. For this reason, affordable literature holders help increase brand recognition while expanding clientele.

Each pamphlet pocket keeps prospective customers informed by supplying free information. The literature and leaflet displays feature a "take-one" design that passively advertises the most important details about promotions and product offerings. Organizations and businesses alike can maintain orderly service counters and front desks because their promotional messages will be neatly placed in the pocket. Why have literature scattered on a table or counter when you could easily raise it up to consumer eye level? Both vertical and angled pamphlet holders are available, so you can choose the type that will successfully target your clients. The countertop flyer displays are portable, so they can be moved from one advertising location to the next with ease. This style of pamphlet display is very popular among traveling sales representatives and trade show vendors. The wall mounted pockets are more suitable for permanent use, which is why retail stores and business offices frequently choose them.

What kinds of materials are used to manufacture the tri-fold literature displays?
  • Molded plastic and acrylic brochure holders are some of the most popular styles our customers buy. These literature dispensers are very inexpensive and provide an excellent cost benefit for businesses with limited budgets. Our wholesale pricing makes it easy for large corporations to outfit all their locations with convenient bulk orders.
  • Cardboard brochure pockets are another great buy for those looking to save. Not only are the cardboard models cheaper, but also most of them fold flat. The compact design lowers the shipping costs, which results in even more savings for our customers. Several bright colors are available, so choose the pamphlet display that best accents your tri-fold literature.
  • One of the newer lines is the wire flyer rack collection, which offers exceptional durability yet won't break the bank. Black and silver metal holders for brochures are popular with those that require a portable solution. Trade show vendors and other traveling salespersons continue to order these metal wire displays at an increasing rate.
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  • Wooden countertop literature holders are great for upscale offices, hotels, and restaurants. Virtually any high-end establishment can maintain their elegant decor while ensuring their patrons have easy access to important free information. Wood pamphlet pockets are a safe bet when that warm, traditional touch is needed.
  • Last but certainly not least are our weatherproof, outdoor literature boxes. These dispensers are used outside many stores and businesses to advertise after hours. The outdoor flyer boxes each feature a lid that provides protection against moisture on muggy or rainy days. No one should pay to replace their valuable flyers, pamphlets, and brochures when they can be protected so easily. Shop the vast selection of outdoor brochure displays now to enhance your afterhours advertising strategy.

A countertop leaflet pocket, wall mount flyer display, or pamphlet holder is great for passively handing out store card information and product catalog details at retail stores. Other times, trade shows booths place the displays tabletop, so interested attendees can readily pick up important literature. Offices often set the holders for brochures out on front desks and service counters. Schools, especially colleges and universities, frequently distribute publications about upcoming events, special programs, and clubs at student centers. This huge inventory features live counts for every one of the pamphlet displays and literature racks. The single pocket displays are even available with additional accessories. Many have sign frames or auxiliary pockets built right in! This way, advertisers can promote a message while supplementing it with extra literature.

Do these flyer displays have any special features?
  • It is important to note that many leaflet holders are able to accommodate more than traditional pamphlets. Certain models come with wider pockets that can fit a magazine or catalog.
  • Some of the outdoor brochure dispensers actually have more than one display slot, so they can fit various publications at a time. This type of design is especially helpful for strip malls and business parks that have several companies in one location. Building managers can install just one unit while ensuring that every business has a chance to distribute their printed materials and publications.
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Installing a pamphlet holder helps to convert curious shoppers into returning customers! Display any product information or service terms & conditions with ease at at your place of business for a neat and professional appearance. Our unique inventory features a wide range of holders in other styles as well. Metal, MDF, and acrylic stands are for sale that have many pockets. These multi-pocket racks for flyers are great for visitor centers, business lobbies, and other high traffic areas. The variety of brochure slots enables passersby to browse a whole selection of tri-fold publications or printed materials. Most are floor-standing systems but there are a number of hanging racks as well. Take a look around to discover the leaflet display that best suits your location and printed promotional information or special announcements. Promote your business with professionalism and flair! These promotional products increase exposure in doctor & medical office reception areas, trade show event booths, bank lobbies, auto dealerships, real estate agencies, and other places that feature customer service counters.

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