Suggestion / Ballot Boxes, Raffle Drums & Prize Wheels for Events

Suggestion Boxes, Ballot Boxes, Raffle Drums and Entry Boxes are Ideal Office Accessories that can be Used for Elections, Comments and More

Donation cans and metal suggestion boxes help raise money in office and school settingsLooking for something to improve office morale? Or efficiently tally a school election? A suggestion box with lock is a useful tool that can be beneficial in a wide variety of settings. Try these drop boxes in schools, hospitals, offices, and retail stores. Collection boxes can be used in retail to give customers a way to voice their concerns or to leave a thoughtful comment. Having a classroom vote? Metal ballot boxes are an easy way to discreetly collect votes without having students see other votes. These ballot boxes can also be used to collect money and donations. A charity drop box placed in a high traffic area can help the contributions add up in no time!

Entry boxes for charity and donationsThese voting bins are available in acrylic, wood, metal and corrugated cardboard! Match any décor with the selection of different materials and colors. Many of these suggestion boxes can be used either on the wall or on countertops. The use of these displays sends a positive message to employees, saying you’re open to other people’s opinions. Also use this ballot box to collect change and bills. Many products in this category feature an area at the top for signage to advertise a charity or cause. Many people feel obliged to donate as they walk by! Entry boxes are also great tools to collect surveys and allow participants to remain anonymous.

What are Some Places Suggestion Boxes are Commonly Used?

  • Schools and classrooms use these displays to tally class election votes
  • Shops can place a countertop metal suggestion box by the register so customers have a forum to voice their opinion
  • Offices use these bins so employees have a discreet and professional way to raise issues and express concerns
  • Cities and towns can use ideas boxes at meetings to take role or have citizens submit talking points
  • Automotive centers may use drop boxes to collect car keys when closed

Game wheels provide a fun way for employees to bond and raise moral.If esteem is low around the company, then there is no better way to get people excited again than with some prizes! But how should you give away those prizes in a funfilled manner? Why prize wheels and raffle drums of course! This category is filled with a huge selection of countertop and floor standing spin the wheel games along with various sized raffle ticket tumblers. A prize wheel is aesthetically pleasing and the sight of it instantly gets people excited. By bringing a game wheel into the workplace, employees begin to associate that positive feeling with being in the office. These displays can also be effectively used on the road. Dentists often use them in the office as a fun way to lift patients’ spirits. Trade show booths can use them to attract clientele to their booth! Bingo games and bingo sets are also available. Bingo can be a fun family game or used in a fundraising setting!

Raffle drums can be used similarly. Use these at parties and large get togethers to give away gifts and prizes. Raffle ticket tumblers are an efficient and fair way to select a winner. Banquet halls use raffle drums for Jack and Jill’s and baby showers to give away gift baskets. Raffle tickets are also available for purhcase. The matching double roll is easy to rip off a ticket so participants can identify their numbers. Writing space is also available on tickets to enter contact info. These displays are lockable to prevent contestants from tampering with the drum.

Prize drop games work well at trade show settings. Use these custom blank boards for prize giveaways. Draw in large crowds as the prize drop board makes noise as the chip hits the pegs. Random chance games are a fun way to give out some prizes and draw in a crowd. Create your own Price is Right game show with these prize drop game boards!