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Menu Displays for Digital PresentationsLooking to set up some advertisements or menu boards to spruce up your restaurant? Or maybe you need some displays to showcase food items? This restaurant displays category features everything you need to get your business up and running. Showcasing food is incredibly important for restaurants, bakeries and delis. Check out food covers, stands and buffet risers to make your delicious meals, appetizers and desserts even more delicious. Own a candy store or hotel buffet? We have scoop bins, gravity dispensers and beverage dispensers ideal for more commercial settings. Fully equip any food service business instantly with the right food displays.

What types of menu boards are available?
  • Sidewalk Style A-Frames – Crafted from heavy-duty materials (plastic polyethylene, steel and aluminum), these portable signs expose printed graphics, handwritten memos or changeable letters. Conveniently, these menu frames that are available in a range of options fold flat when not in use!
  • Indoor Signage Stands – Constructed mainly from wooden framings, placement inside an entryway can surely extend the amount of time these menu boards can be used for! As a bonus, temporary notifications on write-on styles placed inside won't be affected when stormy conditions arise outside!
  • Digital Menu Boards – Pre-made design templates enable users to create custom layouts to show on these LED TV screens! From countertop to freestanding and mountable options, bar and restaurant owners use these types of menu boards to effectively communicate with guests waiting for a booth or seat!
  • Interactive Touch Screen Tablets – Equipped with the latest Android technology, these cutting-edge tablet menu board kiosks allow restaurants to reveal food and drink specials to interested patrons!
  • iPad Menu Board Stands – The commercial and residential iPad holders available have all been designed to be used in specific settings. Similar to a touch screen menu board, a stand for iPads is another tool bars rely on to capture attention and pass waiting time! As a result, locking mounts can be safely used by patrons and employees without the fear of theft! From digital walk-in seating reservation systems in atriums to electronic menu boards on bar tops or employee clock-in stations in break rooms, iPads can be useful anywhere in a restaurant!
  • Weather Proof Notice Boards – Most of the enclosed wall mount menu frame styles offered will secure signage inside glass doors with a built-in locking system! Corkboard, magnetic and illuminated options are offered, all of which grant users creative freedom to customize the space within each accordingly! Unveil dinner and lunchtime deals or promote future events to pedestrians walking on the sidewalk throughout the day with an outdoor menu frame! Rain or shine these lockable encasings are invaluable!

Menu Frame OptionsThe all-encompassing selection of menu frames is extensive and with a plethora of options, food and other public service providers are able to choose the best sign that suits their needs! Today, sandwich signs are a key element to gaining new and retaining existing patrons. Place a menu frame on a busy street, sidewalk, under an awning or in any other high traffic location to gain maximum exposure! Portable sidewalk signage can serve many different functions such as listing store hours, announcing a huge sale and even displaying fun event details! This bar poster stand, menu frame that blends perfectly with any decor can be positioned on a level surface in indoor and outdoor settings to entice foodies with new menus!

Menu Board SignsThese indoor sign holders, menu boards for custom restaurant signage are definitely a must-have for a deli, bistro, cafe and bar lounge! Folding signs are great for luring guests into a food institution, to try a special, spend impulsively and revel the experience! This write-on sidewalk a-frame, menu board that is perfect for showcasing custom signage is designed for quick and easy message changes! Right after lunchtime, managers are able to easily erase old sale items and neatly re-write nighttime and happy hour deals! A-frame sign solutions are sold in a range of sizes and materials, including changeable letter boards and snap open a-boards, both are ideal for quick graphic substitutions. A number of these menu frames are manufactured from wood and are intended for indoor use, while others have aluminum framing with water-filled plastic bases to withstand the effects of harsh weather! When placed strategically, curb signs can entice hungry shoppers to stop in for a quick bite! With menu board solutions crafted from different sturdy materials, restaurant management can use a number of these options throughout an outdoor bar terrace to promote while on the premise! So whether you're looking for a way to show-off memos temporarily or a sidewalk sign to flaunt printed posters, we supply many varieties designed to meet any budget or signage requirement!

Which menu display options do buffets and delis use to hold up signage?
  • Re-Useable Price Tags - Sold as sets of write-on or changeable number varieties, this menu display style is most commonly found in supermarkets, bakeries and buffet eateries!
  • Condiment Caddies – Designed with built-in sign holder coils, this basket holds a menu display while organizing condiments at the same time!
  • Table Tents – Most styles are crafted from injection-molded acrylic plastic which will protect printed signs like any other menu frame!
  • Cafe Barriers – Bistros line the perimeter of outdoor patios to create an exclusive terrace. Full set options include: nude panels, solid polyester banners with digital print logos and full-color branded mesh panels!

In addition to static systems and digital solutions for signage, this online catalog also features wine and beverage menu holders, leatherette drink list covers, table cover linens, podium stands for valets, commercial-grade entrance mats, food sampling domes, mounts for iPads/tablets, portable poster easels and other types of indoor stanchions! Here at Displays2Go, we work hard every day to ensure that we consistently deliver low price, high quality design products to our customers! From restaurant accessories and bar supplies to hotel equipment, creative trade show materials, digital signs and iPad store fixtures, the extensive product lines we supply in our online catalog can be used by any size corporation to increase sales and flourish! Be sure to explore the products noted above as well as thousands of other affordable design displays we offer! Our full service call center is available to answer questions and offer clever marketing solutions to meet your needs Monday-Thursday 8:00 am-6:30 pm and Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm! Additionally, most orders for in stock products placed before 1PM EST (M-F) ship the same day! With the best online selection of custom marketing signage for restaurants and food equipment solutions, our warehouses are filled with millions of products waiting to be shipped to you now!