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Display Cases, Checkout Counters & Trophy Cases Improve Store Organization & Inventory Merchandising

These display cases, display cabinets, and cash register stands are in stock and readily available to improve your store's layout today. Check out the extensive selection of quick ship display cabinets with a wide range of styles and finishes. Display cases are primarily used to hold precious merchandise and fragile objects. We supply glass showcase cabinets to retail stores, schools, colleges, and offices in locking and non-locking models. Lighted display cases can highlight jewelry, collectibles, sunglasses, antiques, and other delicate or priceless merchandise. A trophy case is great for use in schools and universities to showcase sports memorabilia and prizes. Wooden display cases can also hold trophies and plaques. While most of the display cabinets offered here are floor-standing, we also offer a great selection of wall mount and countertop showcases. Most glass display cases and cabinets come with built-in recessed lighting to illuminate the contents. If you really want a particular object to stand out, make sure to order a display case with supplemental adjustable track lighting.

A locking showcase or display cabinet is the best way to get customers to start paying attention to your merchandise while preventing theft. First impressions are crucial. Present inventory in a professional looking case to increase sales. The nicer showcase your products are placed in, the more the consumer will be drawn to it. An open front glass display is ideal for jewelry or other high end items. Not only does an illuminated glass showcase greatly improve visibility and presentation, it also upgrades security. Merchandise will always be in the view of employees, and items cannot be accessed by customers without assistance. This is incredibly important for stores selling jewelry, collectibles and antiques. These retail cabinets can be combined to layout an entire store setup and maximize sales. Some of these cases feature an LED strip on the interior to improve the illumination of popular items and products.

How are these glass showcases and wooden cabinets commonly used?
  • Jewelry Shops - Open glass containers are ideal for displaying expensive necklaces and bracelets. Lighted display cases really bring out the shine of metallic jewelry.
  • Merchandising - Retail shops can use countertop stands to help increase POP sales with locking enclosures.
  • High Schools - Display awards and graduation photos in hallways to commemorate alumni and special events with trophy cabinets.
  • Trade Shows - Portable display cases easily knockdown and can be moved throughout a booth.

We offer a diverse collection of in-stock & ready to ship display glass case objects. These displays come in a variety of sizes for your collectibles. We have custom POP displays for your floor, countertop, and collectors' wall cabinet needs. Browse through this online catalog to purchase the display case glass that complements your sports collectibles or other treasured memorabilia with illuminated fixtures. Individual collectors and retailers alike purchase these showcase fixtures to put in their home or shop. The products sold here are suitable for commercial or residential use.

real wood flag cases One of the newest items featured here is this flag shadow box. Veterans and other military family members revel showcasing their cherished memorabilia with these quality wood stands. Are you shopping for a flag shadow box that can mount on the wall or sit on a mantle? The majority of the cases sold on this site offer both mounting options. Flag shadow boxes are offered in several finishes such as oak, cherry or black. Show your military or veteran pride in your home or office with one of these wooden cases. Buy this flag shadow box before 2PM EST for fast shipping!

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