Acrylic Ballot Boxes for Businesses, Schools, and Organizations

Acrylic Ballot Boxes and Clear Suggestion Boxes Available in Black, Clear and Other Styles

create a custom header for these ballot boxes Acrylic ballot boxes make terrific acrylic displays and can be quite beneficial to your business, charity or organization. An Acrylic Ballot Box simplifies collections for suggestion, registration, lead boxes, charity collection boxes or contests. These acrylic ballot boxes come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Some ballot boxes have displays for signs and pockets for suggestion forms or brochures. With these Acrylic products, your marketing and promotion options are endless.

The registration box's clear plexiglass lets participants see how many tickets have been entered! Or if you prefer privacy for your submissions we also offer many of our drawing boxes in a white or black exterior. The anonymity of a drop box lets people feel free to submit constructive criticism. Acrylic donation and lead boxes prove extremely valuable for business or charity. Most items also offer a variation with a lock to protect your ballots, raffle tickets or suggestions.

Utilize the custom header space to add some unique flair to these acrylic ballot boxes. An eye-catching design can help increase the amount of people using this display. Various sized acrylic donation boxes with different sized headers are available to help meet specific needs. Use these acrylic ballot boxes in schools, offices, hospitals and more. Clear suggestion boxes allow users to see how much is contained in a specific display. The see-through feature also makes these displays great for collecting money. With a clear suggestion box users can prevent tampering.

Start improving the look of your business immediately! Floor stand entry boxes or clear raffle drums create interest in places that are otherwise unnoticed. Wall mount suggestion boxes save office space and most ballot boxes have sign holders to create customized advertising graphics straight from your printer! In addition to these ballot boxes, we also offer multipurpose Lead Boxes, Contest Entry Boxes made in wood , metal and cheap corrugated cardboard. We have thousands of items in stock ready to ship as whell as many other POP products. Shop our acrylic ballot boxes and make your next event more exciting!

Acrylic has become a top display manufacturing material for a number of reasons. Its transparent appearance does not detract from any décor or environment. The beautiful high gloss finish has an attractive and classy appearance similar to that of glass but with more benefits. Over glass, Acrylic is stronger, more impact resistant, lighter in weight, won't shatter, easier to fabricate, and could be easily formed. The material is relatively light weight making it a perfect material for retail displays that might often change or trade show displays that need to be as portable as possible! It is also incredibly easy to clean with a mild soap & water mixture and a gentle cleaning cloth. One word of warning is that you would not want to use ammonia based cleaning solutions on the lucite as it will eat into the sheet and cause it to craze. Plexiglass has unlimited design potential, can be formed into just about any type of display that you desire.

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