What Is Daisy Chain Technology?

Daisy Chain Televisions in Retail

Posted on 23, March, 2020

Last Modified on 01, March, 2023

An Introduction to Daisy Chain Technology:

LED Poster Map with Daisy Chain Technology

A daisy chain is a system of interconnected computing devices, monitors, screens, and peripherals organized in a sequential series. On a small, personal scale, think dual-monitors at your work or home desktop setup that can seamlessly share one image or video across multiple screens. On a larger scale, we were looking at digital advertisement posters, jumbo video walls, and information hubs designed to capture the attention of large, passing audiences with impactful messaging.

Daisy chain technology is an effective, visually appealing way to share marketing content over many devices, allowing for more expansive presentations and creativity in the art of digital campaigns. Daisy chains may also refer to wireless network systems that relay or strengthen a signal between distant nodes, enhancing the connection over larger areas. For our purposes, we will be primarily focusing on interconnected marketing screens.

How Digital Signage Tile Graphics Help Businesses Deliver Their Message:

Daisy chains can be utilized to power devices, transfer digital data and analog signals, or display images across multi-screen platforms. We tend to see these advertising displays used in high-traffic areas such as airports, retail shopping malls, convention and event centers, or trade shows. Users take advantage of multi-panel systems to showcase large-scale digital campaigns, often with moving parts across each device. These demonstrations can be contained to one area with screens neatly organized alongside one another, or, these presentations can be strategically placed several feet apart to create artistic depth.

Adept users can program these systems to have artwork, models, or landscapes dance across digital tiles on the wall or LED poster for a more immersive, liquid experience. Take advantage of digital daisy chain technology to create expandable, high-mobility marketing campaigns that evolve with your needs. The beauty of these systems is that they also allow each screen to operate independently, as usual - giving users the opportunity to deliver stand-alone messaging where needed.

How do Companies Use Daisy Chain Technology?

LED Posters with Daisy Chain Technology Showing Pier

"Daisy chain" is a versitile term used to cover the interconnectivity of digital signage tile graphics, signal extending nodes for wireless networks, and is sometimes used as a marketing term, synonymous with "waterfalling", as a means to maximize lead exposure. In all of these examples, the core ideology represents a connection between many parts boosting the effectiveness of an individual component. Digital marketing benefits from daisy chain technology by boosting exposure and delivering more impactful messaing.

    What are effective uses of daisy chain panels?
  • Promotional digital singage tile graphics, utilizing daisy chain technology, are a great place to feature products, services, or event and sale information. Because multimedia screens often use video animation, rotating graphics, and large-scale imagery, advertisers can seamlessly incorporate daisy chained digital signage into their marketing toolbox.
  • Service offerings can easily be displayed on daisy chained monitors or LED posters. If you've ever gone to your local pizza shop, or take-out restaurant and seen a multi-screen menu proudly displayed over the counter, odds-are those screens are connected via daisy chain. Any industry, no matter the product line, can take advantage of these systems to educate and inform customers of what they have to offer within one-concise system.
  • Stream social media and news feeds all from one system, but on multiple screens, keeping your customers up-to-date on the lates local or global hapenings. These displays are effectivley utiliazed while sharing corporate messaging in offices, reporting stock information on Wall Street, or even while viewing live sports at restaurants and bars nationwide.
  • Directories are an especially effective source of information to display on daisy chained displays. These systems allow users to showcase site maps, event information, room numbers and more all from each respective screen, giving viewers a clear, concise picture of where do go and how to get there. Incorporating wayfinding signage can help customers get where they need to go quickly and with minimal stress, overall improving their experience.

Our Take on LED Daisy Chain Digital Posters:

LED Posters with Daisy Chain Technology

Given the effectiveness of daisy chain digital signage, we developed our own compatable LED digital poster to place the unrivaled versatility of digital signage in the hands of our customers. These systems provide businesses with robust marketing capabilities suited for any public-facing sales environment. Link up to six of our digital LED poster stands together for an immersive advertisement experience with moving or static graphics and video spanning each device. Place each panel side by side for a concise display or spaced for maximum exposure. Our 80" LED digital poster features an app-based operating platform, plug-and-play connectivity, and is the perfect building block to introduce any business into building a daisy chain marketing system. Check out our digital displays !

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