Outdoor Wedding Display Ideas

Outdoor Wedding Display Ideas

Posted on 10, May, 2016

Last Modified on 01, March, 2023

If your wedding will be an outdoor affair in your backyard or at local park, you're not alone. Many couples are choosing to host their receptions outside, foregoing the traditional banquet hall. The outdoor environment lends a laid back and fun atmosphere to any event - but with a catch! Backyards don’t have the furniture, fixtures, signs, and displays that come with most catering facilities! Sure, you could rent some of that stuff from an event company, but at what cost? Actually, in a lot of instances rental fees for items like cocktail tables, a-frame signs, and food displays will be just as much - if not more - than the cost of the actual products themselves. If you’re looking for wedding display ideas for an outdoor event that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, you may be in luck. Here are a few ideas from a photoshoot we recently put together!


Rustic Wedding Displays

I love love love all things rustic. Reclaimed wood, vintage apothecary bottles, baby’s breath literally everywhere? Count me in. Rustic displays add a certain charm to a wedding that not many other items can, plus they fit in perfectly in an outdoor setting. The wedding industry seems to agree with my fabulous taste though, as rustic weddings have become quite popular recently. And you can count on the good ol' wedding industry to skyrocket the prices of anything desirable… But using a little creativity and ingenuity, our product team put together some rustic wedding displays that wouldn’t break the bank!

For example, if a standard folding table isn’t bringing the rustic charm you had in mind for your h'ordeuvres display, a wooden barrel will certainly deliver and fits the outdoor environment to a T. If you're an event planner or venue, keep these items in your arsenal of available decorations to set yourself apart from other businesses. Brides and grooms - don't tell me you won't use these perfectly rustic displays again.

Rustic Barrel Display for Weddings

Wooden Barrels

Mason Jars for Wedding Flowers

Mason Jars

Rustic Wood Crates


Wedding Food Displays & Risers

One of my favorite parts of a wedding - or any event, or life really - is the food. Cheese and crackers, bacon wrapped scallops, sweet and sugary treats… Delicious. The food displays and risers our product team used in their photoshoot display these menu items proudly for all to see and serve as great space savers when working with limited table space, like they were on that day. Most outdoor events will have a limited amount of tabletop to work with, so using these wedding displays for your food is the perfect way to make the most of the space you have!

Acrylic Food Display

Tiered Acrylic Display

Wedding Cupcake Display

Cupcake Risers

The Making Of

Check out this hyperlapse of the team setting it all up. Many hands make for a gorgeous wedding setup! That's the saying, right?

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