Trade Show Lighting Brightens Convention Exhibits w/ LED and Halogen Bulbs

Trade Show Booth Lighting Illuminates Exhibits

Are you looking to shine a light on an important piece in your convention exhibit? Maybe you’re looking to brighten the graphics on your banner stand or get your new product in the limelight. Regardless of your illumination needs, our trade show display lights will put your brand in the spotlight for all to see. We have a variety of models with either LED or halogen bulbs. Customers can choose from spotlights and flood type lighting. Both are great choices, but they yield different results. Spotlights cast narrow rays of light while flood style lighting is designed to illuminate larger spaces. Trade show display lights are the perfect counterpart to your exhibit booth. Perch our lighting fixtures atop booth backdrops, banner stands, or pop-up exhibit pieces. Attach these trade show display lights to various marketing fixtures to shine an extra light on important items in your presentation. These lighting pieces will make your exhibits pop, drawing more attention from convention attendees.

trade show display lights What are the different features of the exhibit lighting we offer?
  • Trade show display lights are available with either halogen or LED bulbs. Users can purchase these with various wattage options and in different types of illumination. Flood style lighting is ideal for brightening large areas and spotlights are great for highlighting special areas in an exhibit or an array of products.
  • Certain lighting fixtures with both halogen and LED bulbs are also made to fit specific pop-up stands and banner stands on our site. Simply match the product to the SKU in the description and you have a perfect pair.
  • Some of the designs are meant to be used universally on a variety of convention fixtures. They’re available with a height adjusting feature and a clip on/clamp bottom. This base style allows the fixture to be placed on many different types of exhibit pieces.
  • Some fixtures feature a swivel head to easily highlight any item in the exhibit. A few models are made specifically to emit a certain degree of light range — which comes in handy when trying to showcase a special area in your exhibit.

Not sure which type of bulb to go with when it comes to LED or halogen exhibit lighting fixtures? Light Emitting Diode bulbs are a great solution for convention goers because they're eco-friendly and long-lasting. New rules at events may require LED lighting, making our lighting fixtures perfect for any exhibitor. Convention regulations have evolved, as companies worldwide are doing their part in the "go green" initiative. Some spotlights on our site feature LED’s rating for 10,000+ hours of continuous use. LED display lights also consume 8 times less energy than traditional halogen lamps. Halogen lights are a cost-friendly option for convention goers who need to steer away from LED illumination.

Regardless if this is your first convention, or you’re a veteran at expo events, it’s important for your presentation to be bright and eye-catching to attendees and passersby. Our illuminated pieces make it simple to shine a light on your exhibit. Displays2go takes pride in providing our customers with high-quality products. Take advantage of quick shipping and low prices while you browse our site. Shop online today and see for yourself!

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