Multi-Panel & Tri-Fold Table Tents

Affordable Countertop Table Tents w/ Multiple Panels

Do you need a table sign to display a drink menu for your restaurant? Maybe you are shopping for a new and exciting way to advertise the newest product in your store? There are a variety of tabletop tents & sign choices available here to meet most any needs. This countertop signage is typically made of acrylic which allows the pictures or graphics to stand out. Each table sign features any number of panels, from two up two six separate image possibilities. Among the different types of restaurant signage holders there are two designs offered; rotating and stationary. This table sign that is placed on a restaurant tabletop will complement the picture or advertisement on display. Guests are more likely to take notice of a rotating unit due to the movement, rather than a standard static frame. Restaurants can use this table sign to promote a new menu item or a seasonal drink special. The rotating menu holder can be used to advertise several items within the same display area. This table sign that revolves is ideal for restaurants that have very little extra space available on their tabletops. The unique design adds an interesting element to any graphic; certain to cause viewers to inquire about the specials or menu items. Each table sign is made with high quality acrylic. Check out the latest countertop units offered here that feature acrylic framing to find the right holder for your restaurant's needs. This table sign is popular in bars and caf├ęs that change out signage frequently. The acrylic unit is offered in various commonly used sizes such as; 4x6 and 5x7, making it simple to create new signage, and place it right in the holder.

Many of the table sign options offered here feature double-sided panels. The tri-fold holder is the only unit that is single-sided. Use this table sign to announce a sale, dinner menu special or new drinks being offered in a restaurant or bistro. The uses are practically endless for this tabletent menu holder. This table sign is designed and sold for price point. Typically this menu card holder can withstand many years of use, however accidents do happen and this acrylic will crack. This table sign is often purchased in bulk quantities in order to have plenty of replacements available on-hand. As an added bonus the pricing structure offered here is geared toward high-volume buyers; offering deep discounts for bulk purchases.

    What other types of venues is this table sign commonly used?
  • Restaurants use this countertop menu holder to post drink specials or appetizer listings.
  • This table sign can also be used to display a family picture on your desk at home or work.
  • Credit unions and other financial institutions use this acrylic frame to advertise current interest rates or other promotions.
    Can this table sign be ordered in custom sizes?
  • This restaurant print holder is offered in various popular sizes in an effort to satisfy the majority of customers needs.
  • Customers that need a table sign in a custom size can contact a member of our staff for further details.
  • Acrylic displays are one of the many specialties offered here. Shoppers will need to meet minimum order requirements in order to qualify for a custom job.

This selection of signage holders and rotating menu card displays is just one small section of over 4,000 POP displays offered in this e-catalog. This site contains a wide array of products for trade shows, retail merchandising, restaurant supplies, special events and much more! This online retailer has been doing business for more than thirty eight years. Initially this company offered only acrylic displays to local businesses; primarily banks and other "big name" companies. Over the years as word spread of the quality POS displays that this small business makes, more order requests came in for custom fixtures, and other styles of products. So the inventory grew over the years. Fast forward to today; with more than two million units in stock, this corporation is the largest supplier of point of sale displays and retail merchandising solutions. The vast majority of the fixtures offered here are either made here at the company's headquarters in the USA, or designed by one of the engineers on-site, and then out-sourced to another reputable manufacturer, and then shipped back to our facilities here in MA. By keeping such a large live inventory, delayed ship times are kept to a minimum, and shoppers are likely to find that the products they need are in stock and ready for immediate shipping. Orders received prior to 3PM ship the same day, and most others ship the following business day. Call and speak to a call center agent to place an order, or use this secure website 24/7! Thank you for shopping here, your patronage is much appreciated!

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