Slatwall Accessories - Sign Holders, Faceouts, Baskets & More

Optimize Merchandising Space with Slatwall Accessories

In the market to upgrade or add to your slatwall accessories? It’s important to plan for making the optimal use of your space when staging your merchandising displays. That’s why investing in add-on fixtures like acrylic trays or bins and easy change signage holders is a good idea. With smart use of these extensions, you can accomplish many crucial jobs within one product showcase. This selection of slatwall accessories includes quick set up attachments that serve a variety of needs. Check out signage, acrylic dump bins and trays, hooks for blister packs and hardware to display single items like a featured hat or shoe. Give your stuff some space so that it can truly command attention.

What do I need for an effective slatwall display?
  • Faceouts, hooks and hanging rails are a must. When staging a proper merchandise display, it's best to be prepared with an assortment of fittings and pegs designed for mounting varying sized items. From blister packs to scarves and towels, you'll want a place for everything. Keeping items tidy and accessible is key.
  • Acrylic dump bins and trays for your non-hanging stock. These inexpensive and versatile hard plastic containers are ideal for loose products and impulse items.
  • Display hardware for feature items like hats and shoes. These metal fixtures are pre-formed to fit special merchandise and are designed for showcasing the spotlight items on your slatwall.
  • Sign holder attachments that click right into the slats on your fixture. These add-ons are a great way to advertise and communicate sales or pricing.

Ultimately, maximizing floor space is essential, especially at the point of sale area in your store. Slatwall displays and their accessories offer a smart use of that real estate. Utilizing the right mix of varied length hooks and faceouts — both waterfall and straight style, and the best acrylic bins and holders can create the enticing merchandising section you need for hangables and POS items. Don’t forget the impact of quick clip signage either… grab a few slatwall sign holders for displaying ever-changing prices or important sale info.

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