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Whiteboard Easels for Classrooms, Presentations, and Office Environments

Whiteboard Stands - Portable, Adjustable, and Children’s Designs

Looking for a tripod stand that can go just about anywhere? Whiteboard easels have portable designs that make them great choices for the classroom, a conference room, an office, or any other commercial environment. These erasable stands are also great for children to use at home. Whiteboard easels are easy to set up in any location and can be folded to save space after using. These tripods provide an ideal display space for your notes or graphs with write-on surfaces available as a dry-erase or chalkboard. Many of our whiteboard easels are double sided and magnetic for additional value. Browse through our selection of presentation stands to find the one best suited for your needs.

What are some of the features of our whiteboards? Whiteboard easels with storage space for markers and erasers
  • Whiteboard easels with wheels give users the mobility they are looking for. Each stand has locking casters to keep the unit in place once it’s been moved to a new location for added stability.
  • Double-sided models allow the board to be used for many different applications and by a large group of people. Ideal for conference rooms or office environments, different teams can use the same stand without erasing someone else’s work - simply utilize the other side!
  • Stands with a magnetic receptive surface create a multidimensional experience. Users can jot down notes or ideas while hanging up corresponding documents to view and analyze.
  • Boards with adjustable heights give the freedom to create the perfect viewing angle and usability. Whether you’re short or tall, these stands allow you to find the most comfortable location for you to give demonstrations or brainstorm ideas with coworkers.

Besides options for presentations and higher learning, we also have stands available that are designed for kids. Featuring colorful finishes and child-friendly designs that are small in stature so toddlers can reach the boards, these have everything needed to foster a creative learning space for children. Additionally, we have boards with built-in storage trays that can hold supplies like markers and erasers. Displays2go stocks a variety of erasable board easel products as well as markers and erasers that are great for use with these stands. Looking for other display options? Our product selection also includes a variety of tempered glass whiteboards and message boards for business and educational purposes. Shop online at Displays2go for quick shipping and low prices.

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