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Book Display Shelf - Organize, Display, & Sell Books in Children's or Traditional Stores

Book Display Shelves

A book display shelf differs from other magazine racks & holders as it tends to have larger & deeper pockets. The book stands shown above also feature more of a shelf-like design rather than pockets. This way, the book display shelves give you the ability to position the books vertically. Magazine racks do not have this feature, so publications are not able to stand up on their own in many cases. Book display shelves, also known as bookstore sales racks, typically have angled shelves to keep reading materials upright. Bookstores, retail shops, school libraries, and even daycares use the floor-standing racks to show popular, best-selling or award-winning literature. Just one children's display stand can make all the difference at your establishment or educational location. Our online catalog is home to a full assortment of styles & sizes, ranging from traditional to children's, that will suit any display-related needs or spatial regulations. Choose the best book display rack today and place your order online!

Are the display pockets on the bookstore sales racks angled or straight?
  • Each book display shelf has a unique design. Some units feature slanted compartments while others have vertical pockets.
  • Most of the merchandising stands are designed with angled shelving that makes the literature easier to see for visitors, potential clients, and returning customers. Check out both full view and tiered view configurations.
  • Book stands that are designed for hardback textbooks and other collegiate reading materials have straight shelves. This type of setup allows for more storage yet ensures that all the books are stabilized and won't fall over.
Bookstore Sales Rack What other helpful features do the literature display shelves offer?
  • Although some of these merchandising racks have fixed shelving, many of the book racks are adjustable.
  • Tilt is a great feature to have when selling literature in any setting. Simple angle the pocket or tray toward the front or the back to achieve the proper sales presentation.
  • Some of the models take the tilting ability to a new level. Not only do the trays pitch forward or backward, but also they can be set up facing the complete opposite direction. This way, users can easily create new and exciting merchandising displays that instantly intrigue customers.
  • With certain display stands, the height of the shelf can be changed. The racks that feature peg holes on the inside of the posts allow for shelving to be installed at different heights. Keep in mind that setting up different configurations may limit the number of trays or pockets that can be used.
  • The height of the shelving is extremely important in the case of kids' book stores and daycare centers. Our unique line of children's wooden bookcases are designed so that toddlers and young students can easily grab the stories they desire. While the shelves are able to store quite a bit of literature, they are not so deep that kids can't access the books. Take a look at this great collection of kids' shelves to find the right one for your nursery, kindergarten classroom, or children's bookstore!

These book stands are sold in a few different sizes, each featuring height-adjustable shelves. This grants the user the ability to showcase books of varying heights at the same time. The book racks are constructed from wire and other durable materials for a more open & contemporary design. The modern design is often more suitable for use in retail stores as opposed to standard bookstands & racks. Although these fixtures are more permanent than the wire rack book stands we offer, they take up much less space than wooden bookshelves & book holders. The adjustability makes repositioning the shelving and pockets very simple, so new merchandise can be put out right away.

Book Display Shelving

One of the best places to use a book stand is near a storefront entryway. Users can also position them within an aisle, so books, comics, and other publications remain in an easy-to-access area. Most of the models are double-sided, therefore creating a bi-directional view of your presentation. This configuration also helps users capitalize on the amount of available floor space. The book racks also work well when positioned side by side because they can be used to create aisles and pathways through the retail environment. Revolving stands are perfect for tight spaces that require a compact yet fully functional solution. Spinning racks can be viewed from multiple sides, which allows for more shoppers to browse at the same time. If you plan to move the display stand around often, consider a unit that comes with wheels. These smooth-rolling casters glide easily across the floor and lock for stability once in position.

Displays2go is a leading provider of magazine racks & literature stands. When it comes to organizing & displaying literature & reading materials, we offer one of the most diverse selections of both book holders as well as magazine displays. There are even countertop fixtures for additional literature, like brochures and flyers. We also offer literature racks for use on a wall! Additionally, we keep a live inventory of products, so our customers get speedy shipping at no supplemental cost! Simply place the order before 3PM EST M-F, & if your product is in stock, it will ship the same day! There are some restrictions on same-day shipment, such as custom artwork or freight-shipped items, so be sure to check out each product page for details and qualifications.

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